November 30, 2008

i love making my son happy.  in that sense…today was a great day.  we spent the day making a HUGE deal of isaac’s 2nd birthday.  his actual birthday is tomorrow, but today was the celebration.  we started the day off with a train set that took my father in law and i 4 hours to put together (see figure 1 and 2).  a few hours later our families showed up with loads of presents (see figure 3).  then we ate cake (see figure 4 and 5).  it was a huge success!  

what is it about making your kids happy?  every time i see isaac light up i want to start crying with joy.  i imagine that i’m feeling a tinge of what God must feel when He blesses us…His children.  i love my son and there are days that i give him what he wants because it is best.  there are also days that i give him what is best and not what he wants.  today i just plain spoiled him because i’m super double excited he’s alive… 


figure 1

figure 1

figure 2

figure 2



figure 3
figure 4
figure 5

the bullet post

November 5, 2008

oh hi…

the past few weeks have been peppered with unexpected events that have detained me unavoidably from this weblog.

i’m calling this “the bullet post” because i am going to list a series of bullet points below that will fill you in on the past few weeks and the weeks to come.

–  last friday was a huge success (see pic below).  isaac was a frog and he was excited about that.  he kept jumping around saying, “rip it! rip it!”  it also didn’t take him long to figure out that a bunch of stranger’s wanted to give him candy.  his favorite were the lollipops.  or as he would say, the “beepops.”










– we hit the studio in 6 days to start recording our first full length record.  starting this monday we’ll be working with atlanta rock producer Matt Goldman.  we are so excited to be working with matt.  from the start we’ve wanted to create something fresh and true to who we are as a band.  we believe matt is the guy to take us there and can’t wait to get started.  we’ve been working our tails off the past 5 weeks writing new songs and finishing old one’s getting ready for monday and we believe the timing is perfect.  the record is shaping up to be a pretty intense rock record with hints of the singer-songwriter that i can’t seem to evict from the highrise condo building in my soul.

we’re…aflame with excitement.

– lastly…we’ll be in north carolina this weekend leading that the carolina christian youth conference.  we led this event last year and it was out of control.  we’re excited to be going back.  we’re hoping to play some new stuff while we’re there.

love to you all…more to come later.

the “bunken” patch

October 27, 2008

Isaac has been crazy about pumpkins this season. He actually calls them “bunkens” and I’m starting to prefer it that way too. There’s nothing more festive than a trip to the “bunken” patch…