Day 7 and 8

November 19, 2008

hi everyone…

first of all…thanks to all of you who have sent comments and emails of support and prayer throughout the past week.  it’s cool to know that we have an army of people behind us as we’re creating this record.  THANKS!!

now…let me catch you up.  the past two days we’ve been tracking guitars.  alex and matt have been unbelievable.  these two guys are so incredibly talented and creative.  i’m blown away at how intricate yet melodic their parts are turning out to be.  it’s cool to be around two guitar players that are committed to playing what’s right for the song.   it’s also really cool to watch them work together.  in past few days i’ve watched alex and matt help each other improve on and perfect their parts.  it’s been really clear watching them the past few days that they both view this record as a joint effort.  i can’t wait for you to hear their tasty licks.

tomorrow i’ll head into the studio around lunch time and start working on vocals for 3 songs.  

more soon…


Day 6

November 17, 2008

Today…alex plays guitar.

Day 5 – Ghost in the Dark

November 15, 2008

matt takes us on an adventure to find the ghost of glow in the dark studios.  

Day 4

November 14, 2008

im sitting in the control room on day 5 listening to Joe track drums.  Joe has been working like a crazy drummer man these past 4 days.  by the end of today we’re hoping to have all the drums done for the first 6 songs.  the cool thing about Matt Goldman is that he himself is a killer drummer, so what you have are two major drumming powers coming together to form the drummer version of captain planet.  seriously…the ideas these two dudes are coming up with are incredible, but i’ll save that for tomorrow.  for now let’s talk about yesterday.

the way we’ve been working is that we’ll arrange a few songs and then joe will track the drums.  then, hopefully today, we’ll start tracking bass and then add in guitars and keys and vocals from there.  we started yesterday with a new song called “Attention”, and then moved on to “Faithful” and “I need You”.  “Faithful” and “I Need You” are songs that we’ve played alot over the past few years.  again…goldman is doing a great job at bringing fresh ideas to these songs that really bring them back to life for us and make them exciting to play again.

on a relational note…i love these guys.  we are having a great time making this record together.  we’ve been playing together for the past 3 years and we’ve been dreaming of making a record for a while.  to do it this way with these people is amazing.  i can see now how every moment of the past few years has led us here.  the timing is right.  our connection to one another started out as a musical one.  now, the music is what we do together, but it’s not what connects us.  what connects us is our love for God and our love for each other.  we’ve been frustrated together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve celebrated together, we’ve cried and asked God for mercy together.  because of all that, this record and these songs have something deeper running through them.  this band and this record are a reflection of a relational God that created mankind to experience community with each other and with Him.  we hope that comes through.

more soon…

Day 2 n’ 3

November 13, 2008

tuesday was day 2 for us in the studio.  we spent the day and the later part of the night finishing arrangement and drums for Lord of All.  i can’t wait for you to hear Joe’s playing.  in my opinion…it doesn’t get any better than Joe Thibodeau on drums.  after we wrapped up drums on Lord of All we started work on a new song called Kingdom which is a drastic change from the mid-tempo anthem feel of Lord of All.  you’ll understand what i mean when you hear it.  we’re particularly excited about Kingdom.

yesterday would’ve been day 3 in the studio but instead we spent all day in atlanta taking pictures for the record.  we had a great time shooting with an incredible photographer from nashville named david molnar.  david was a perfect fit for me and the band.  a special thanks goes out to my bro taylor who hooked us up with some killer locations atop some of the coolest buildings in atlanta.  i think we got some pretty cool stuff.  can’t wait for you to see.

and that brings us to today…day 4.  we’ll be hitting it hard today in the studio hoping to get a jump on a few more songs before the weekend hits.

more soon…

Day 1

November 11, 2008

well…day 1 is in the books and we’re off.  we spent most of the day yesterday getting everything set up and sounding good.  joe is playing one of Goldman’s drum kits and it sounds fantastically massive.  because most of the day was spent doing set up, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to start on anything, but we did get a jump on Lord of All.  

Lord of All is a song that we’ve been playing for a while now so it was good to get a fresh perspective on it from Goldman.  he had some amazing ideas that were subtle but really brought the song to life again for me and the guys.  i think you guys are gonna like it.  we’re hoping to finish up Lord of All today.

we love you guys.  more to come soon…

Glow In The Dark

November 10, 2008

The day is finally here. This is glow in the dark studios…

North Carolina

November 7, 2008

It’s been a while since we’ve traveled together as a band. We’ve missed it.

There’s a game we like to play when we’re on the road. While we’re in the car we take turns playing songs from our iPods. The goal is to pick a song that will inevitably get everyone in the car bobbing their heads and singing along. Here’s a list of what’s played so far…

We started with shiny toy gun’s new record. Then went to…

Third Eye Blind
John Mayer
Stevie Wonder
Jackson 5
Def Leopard
The Beatles
Guns & Roses
Milli Vanilli
The Police
The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Now we’re on Pearl Jam. We’ve been nerding out on cool grooves and guitar tones. I think the consensus is that we’re not creative enough. I’m also realizing that while I was stuck in my Christian music bubble when I was in middle school I was missing out on great bands like pearl jam.

Anyway…it’s been a great trip so far. Below is a pic of us eating in our favorite Charlotte, NC called The Penguin. Love you all…

the bullet post

November 5, 2008

oh hi…

the past few weeks have been peppered with unexpected events that have detained me unavoidably from this weblog.

i’m calling this “the bullet post” because i am going to list a series of bullet points below that will fill you in on the past few weeks and the weeks to come.

–  last friday was a huge success (see pic below).  isaac was a frog and he was excited about that.  he kept jumping around saying, “rip it! rip it!”  it also didn’t take him long to figure out that a bunch of stranger’s wanted to give him candy.  his favorite were the lollipops.  or as he would say, the “beepops.”










– we hit the studio in 6 days to start recording our first full length record.  starting this monday we’ll be working with atlanta rock producer Matt Goldman.  we are so excited to be working with matt.  from the start we’ve wanted to create something fresh and true to who we are as a band.  we believe matt is the guy to take us there and can’t wait to get started.  we’ve been working our tails off the past 5 weeks writing new songs and finishing old one’s getting ready for monday and we believe the timing is perfect.  the record is shaping up to be a pretty intense rock record with hints of the singer-songwriter that i can’t seem to evict from the highrise condo building in my soul.

we’re…aflame with excitement.

– lastly…we’ll be in north carolina this weekend leading that the carolina christian youth conference.  we led this event last year and it was out of control.  we’re excited to be going back.  we’re hoping to play some new stuff while we’re there.

love to you all…more to come later.

the “bunken” patch

October 27, 2008

Isaac has been crazy about pumpkins this season. He actually calls them “bunkens” and I’m starting to prefer it that way too. There’s nothing more festive than a trip to the “bunken” patch…