remember the “fellowship hall?”  it was that part of your church where people went to get connected.  it’s where you ate all those wednesday night dinners.  it’s where the fellowship happened.  i figured this could be the same kind of thing.  i’d like to open the floor up for some fellowshippin.  if you’ve got any questions or a topic that you’d like to see covered in this web log go ahead and leave me a comment right here in the fellowship hall.



24 Responses to “Fellowship Hall”

  1. Micah said

    are you working on any new songs? any new stuff coming out soon?

  2. luke said

    how do you pick out your set-lists?

    obviously you are lead by the spirit…

    but what are dynamics between 722 where you are every week and the community knows vs. picking for a camp or event where the group may not know your songs..


  3. Chris said

    First I want to thank you for being a pretty rad role model to me as I’ve begun my journey in ministry. I’ve never been to 7/22 but I watch pretty consistently over my laptop every week. Anyways, here’s my fellowshipin question. How did you get involved with 7/22? Did they ask you to do it or were you pretty aggressive and asked if you could help? also, how did your ministry branch out all over the country? how did you get the opportunity to lead at camps and other churches?

    Later bro. take care.

    oh yeah. I’m pretty close friends with Pat from Unhindered.

    Shameless plug:

    Said he’s chilled with you a few times. do you remember him?



  4. Chrissy said

    Hey Kristian: You are a hard person to get a hold of… You don’t know me but I go to NPCC. Does the band only perform at church conferences and retreats outside of the regular Sunday routine or can the band be booked for a smaller venue???

  5. josh said

    i really like that ‘how he loves’ song that eddie has on his album and you have been doing at different events,

    but does that ‘heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss’ make you feel a little awkward.

    i don’t know i kind of does to me.


  6. cdrawdy said

    Is there a way we could get in contact with your drummer to discuss programming and loops…I’m interested in hearing about the Happy Day loop yall ran live on the NP Live: Louder than Creation CD…


  7. kory said

    hey kristian,

    for those of us out there still working on set-lists,

    it would be cool if you could post some from this summer with some why’s….

    god bless.

  8. jtcrespo said

    No questions, Just dropped by to say HELLO! (Just pretend that was me screaming and being a close talker…) Anyway, great to see you’re a blogging brother and I’ll look for you next time you’re at BC.

  9. adam said

    hey man. it’d be awesome if you listed some of the gear you use. ex.

    Vox AC 30
    Gibson j-185 acoustic/electric guitar


    ps- do you ever play electric guitar??

  10. Mark said

    Hey Kristian,
    Speaking of Sloppy Wet Kisses, someone sent me this link of how they used “How He Loves”.

    Hope you’re having a great summer.

    -Mark H. (722)

  11. i think paige is really awesome.

    can she be a guest blogger on Que Es?

  12. stephendixon said

    i agree with brian. “paige’s page”

  13. paige said

    so you’re really awesome Kristian!
    i hope i can come see you in ruston!
    i do have a question tho..

    are you going to be doing any non-camp concerts this summer?
    like louisiana..or texas?

  14. andie said

    hey there Kristian,
    so you are just amazing, you were our worship leader at LATech this week and we love you and the whole band, i thought it was really sweet how all of yall came by our mission site on thursday and visited, i wish i would have talked more but i was a bit star-struck at that point, haha.

    i wanted to ask if yall got the gift that me and my friend sent back, it was a “message in a bottle” and a bag of chocolate?
    just a way for us to show appreciation.
    God Bless.

  15. Rachel said

    You are awesome. Our church went to Bigstuf last year and we had an amazing time. this year we are going to Ensenada, and as a couple of us are packing we are listening to your music. you have blessed each one of us so much! thank you!

    oh and we were thinking you should come experience the great state of Idaho 🙂

    God Bless!

  16. Shannon S. said

    like andie, i was just gonna say thanks for stopping by the mission site we were at in ruston, louisiana. it was really cool for ya’ll to come out there. and i know the residents appreciated it as well. my youth group couldn’t get over the fact that ya’ll would actually come out there. it’s nice to see a worship band interact with those worhipping with them. thanks again for the gesture!

  17. linds. said

    me and my friend met you at the walmart in ruston, and we really didnt have time to tell you how much we appriciated yall leading worship.
    i love your music and it gets my day started every morning.

  18. Jennifer Lindsey said

    Wake Up is awesome! It completely blessed my soul. I can’t wait to see what God has next to shine through you. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon at BBCC!

  19. patrickdowning said

    My church Visio Dei, in Raleigh NC has been doing Spring of Life for months now. Is there anything else in the works?!

  20. Andy said

    We’ve been sporting Spring of Life here in Utah as well. Keep up the good work guys. Wish I was back in GA to see you lead more. Be sure to come out to UT in the near future. I’ll take you skiing!

  21. linner34 said

    Wake Up was amazing when you played it at Inisde Out. Great job!

  22. Louissa said

    I’m a worship leader at my church, am looking for new songs to introduce to add some “freshness” to our repertoire and happened upon some of your music. I really enjoyed it and I think that the congregation here really will as well. I was wondering if there is a place to get chords for your songs? I’m looking specifically for “Lord of All.” I could just figure it out, but I figured I’d ask — it’d be awesome to know that I’m playing what the writer intended. =)

  23. How much are you to book? We have some huge stuff coming up for Christ on University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s campus and we were just wondering how much you’d guys be to book for it. We’d love for you to be a part of this huge movement that is happening on our campus… Thanks man..

  24. Daniel Wesley said

    Tell Joe Herman Thibodeau that his bass player from about 50 years ago says hi.

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