Moving! Come with us.

January 16, 2009

Hey guys, we’ve moved over to a new blog. Change your bookmarks and come join us at:

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fine in 09

January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! i hope everyone’s feelin fine in 09!!

i’m back

December 18, 2008

hey everyone!

sorry i disappeared for a while. we’ve been putting the final touches on these first six songs. we spent this week working on mixes and today around 3pm i received the final mixes. they sound great! reid shippen did a fantastic job bringing these songs to life and making these mixes sound like us. i’ll say it again…we can’t wait to share with everyone.

i’ll have some exciting news to share soon…stay tuned.

Day 5 – Ghost in the Dark

November 15, 2008

matt takes us on an adventure to find the ghost of glow in the dark studios.  

Day 2 n’ 3

November 13, 2008

tuesday was day 2 for us in the studio.  we spent the day and the later part of the night finishing arrangement and drums for Lord of All.  i can’t wait for you to hear Joe’s playing.  in my opinion…it doesn’t get any better than Joe Thibodeau on drums.  after we wrapped up drums on Lord of All we started work on a new song called Kingdom which is a drastic change from the mid-tempo anthem feel of Lord of All.  you’ll understand what i mean when you hear it.  we’re particularly excited about Kingdom.

yesterday would’ve been day 3 in the studio but instead we spent all day in atlanta taking pictures for the record.  we had a great time shooting with an incredible photographer from nashville named david molnar.  david was a perfect fit for me and the band.  a special thanks goes out to my bro taylor who hooked us up with some killer locations atop some of the coolest buildings in atlanta.  i think we got some pretty cool stuff.  can’t wait for you to see.

and that brings us to today…day 4.  we’ll be hitting it hard today in the studio hoping to get a jump on a few more songs before the weekend hits.

more soon…

Day 1

November 11, 2008

well…day 1 is in the books and we’re off.  we spent most of the day yesterday getting everything set up and sounding good.  joe is playing one of Goldman’s drum kits and it sounds fantastically massive.  because most of the day was spent doing set up, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to start on anything, but we did get a jump on Lord of All.  

Lord of All is a song that we’ve been playing for a while now so it was good to get a fresh perspective on it from Goldman.  he had some amazing ideas that were subtle but really brought the song to life again for me and the guys.  i think you guys are gonna like it.  we’re hoping to finish up Lord of All today.

we love you guys.  more to come soon…

fun for everyone

October 23, 2008

oh hello…let’s play a game

yesterday and tomorrow

October 1, 2008

let’s start with yesterday…

the first words that come to my mind are…thank you God!  it was a great day spent creating and watching ideas evolve from nothing into something very exciting.  we worked on two ideas that are very different from each other.  one we are affectionately calling “desert bones”.  it’s a pretty intense rock song that moves real quick like.  tim, joe, alex and matt really made this one fun to listen to.  the other is a song i wrote a while back called “lead us on”.  we had worked on this song a few months ago, but decided to scrap what we had done and start over.  now it starts pretty chill and then picks up on the chorus.  your going to flip when you here matt melton’s slide guitar part on the verse and then alex’s guitar part on the chorus.  also…joe and tim groove so hard on this one.  i can’t wait to play these for you guys.


tomorrow we are headed to mexico city for the first stop on the third leg of the Passion World Tour.  we still have manila ringing our hearts and can’t wait to get on the plane tomorrow and head to mexico to see what God is preparing there.  a few stats about Mexico City…the estimated population for the Metropolitan Area is around 23 million making it the largest city in the world.  The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in mexico city has close to 300,000 students that go to school there.  there are a lot of people in mexico city.  i don’t know a single one of them, but we do have something in common.  the thing that will bring me and the college students attending this Passion event together is our love for Jesus.  i can’t wait to stand on that stage and look out at 18,000 of my Mexican brothers and sisters and worship Jesus…loudly!  we are praying that this group of Jesus lovers in a huge city will be a light and glow with the love and life of Jesus.

pray for us as we go.  i’ll catch you up as i can about how it’s going.  

love to all.