June 30, 2008

i know it’s been almost a million days since my last post, but i’m still trying to find the words to describe what happened last week in ruston louisiana.  it was so alive and fresh that it’s left me in a place of dissatisfaction.  im still working through my thoughts on this, but basically i feel this way…life is to short and God’s spirit is to good to waste my days in dead places.  more on that later.  for now you can check out a new song up on my myspace page called “i need you.”  i hope you enjoy.  we’re off to cali tomorrow for another camp.  catch you up asap.  love to all.


sunday was my second father’s day and i spent it just the way i wanted.  i hung out with my amazing family for lunch.  it’s pretty incredible to be sitting at the table with my grandfather, my father and my son.  WOW!!  4 generations of stanfill men at one table…to much to handle.  after that i went home and sat on the couch to watch tiger woods add serious drama to the u.s. open.  during commercial breaks i tried to teach my son isaac about patience (even when daddy and mommy say no to MORE cookies).  i love my son very much and i love being a father.  i never thought it was possible to have so much fun with a 19 month old little boy.  he’s taught me how to look at the world with wonder again and i’m loving every minute of it.

on monday morning we woke up and headed back to camp world.  we’re still hanging out at the gulf for one more bigstuf camp.  bigstuf kicked off camp 4 of 10 on monday night.  just 4 camps in it seems that everyone is a little fried.  the excitement of getting bigstuf 2008 out of the gates has faded and in it’s place, it seems, is a resolve just to get the job done.  i can’t blame anyone…it’s very hard work.  we’ll leave here on friday, but our prayers will be with the bigstuf team all summer.  keep it up guys!

jumping back to last week…lake pointe’s camp was such a good time.  we love those crazy texas folks.  bubba thurman, greg bradford and damon faulk made it such an amazing week for us.  bubba and greg trusted us completely with the direction of musical worship and it was amazing to watch the Holy Spirit come and do unexpected and powerful stuff all week.  leaving lake pointe’s camp, my desire for more than just playing songs has become even stronger.  my prayer has become…

i want more.  i want as much of your presence and power as i can handle in my human frame.  turn our expectations upside down.  deliver us from what we think is a successful worship experience.  make us open and willing to follow You to uncharted places.  amen.

we did introduce a new song last week.  it’s a song i’ve been working on for about a year.  it’s called “I Need You.”  the song is about Jesus bearing the wrath of God for our sin, on our behalf.  i hope to have a live recording of it up on our myspace by the end of the week.  i’ll be sure and let you know when it’s up so you can go check it out.  in the meantime i’ve put the lyrics below.  we’re off to louisiana next.  look out ruston…here comes the rock!  love to all.

I Need You

i am frail, broken easily
without fail, my strength keeps failing me
all alone, i’m powerless
to lift myself, from the pit, that i am in

i need You Jesus
i need You Jesus

from Your throne, of righteousness
descended down, into our brokeness
to right the wrong, to make a way
to bear the load, that we deserve, to bear alone

i need You Jesus, i need You Jesus
i need clean hands, i can’t You can
i need You Jesus

on the cross, on our behalf
the son of God, bore the father’s wrath
by His blood, the scars and pain
the perfect son, took the fall, and took our place

i need You Jesus, i need You Jesus
i need clean hands, i can’t You can
i need You Jesus

in his grace, and unfailing love
the risen king, gave his hand to us
to lift us up, from the pit
and set our feet, upon a rock, that ever stands

i need You Jesus, i need You Jesus
i need clean hands, i can’t You can
i need You Jesus

some things you might not be aware of : the new Coldplay record came out yesterday.  you should do your soul a favor and go pick it up.  chris tomlin also has a new single on itunes called “Jesus Messiah.”  i would highly recommend downloading that as well.  it’s an incredible song.  lastly…those closest to me know that i’m fascinated with tiger woods.  i believe we’re watching the best athlete of all time when we watch him play golf.  well, tiger ended up winning the u.s. open i spoke of earlier.  if you haven’t heard about the drama that unfolded there… click here.  that makes 14 major tournament wins for the tiger.  five more and he stands alone as the best golfer ever.  that’ll have to wait till next season though.  knee surgery is ending the 08 season early for the golf phenom…bummer.  hey tiger, i hear you’re a pretty avid reader of the que es.  since you’ve got some down time…what’d you say to some red lobster and a milk shake?  my treat.  wait…you just crossed the $82 million mark in career earnings…i think i’ll be sliding the check your way.




well…we’re still here in panama city.  camp two of the summer begins tomorrow night.  we’ve wrapped up an AMAZING week at bigstuf and moved down the road for a private camp for a church from texas called Lake Pointe Church.  Lake Pointe is a long time friend of the kristian stanfill experience and we’re pretty physced to be with them again.  for now though, kerri, isaac and i are enjoying a few days off between camps.

you guys have been asking some pretty sweet questions in the fellowship hall and i think i’ve got some really deep brilliant answers for you so…

from kory…
hey kristian,
for those of us out there still working on set-lists,
it would be cool if you could post some from this summer with some why’s.
god bless.

kory…below is a list of songs that i’ll be picking from this summer.  when we play them and why really varies from camp to camp.  i hope this helps.

he loves us
lead me to the cross
beautiful jesus
lord of all
highest and greatest
happy day
we shine
all because of jesus
spring of life
i need you

from josh…
i really like that ‘how he loves’ song that eddie has on his album and you have been doing at different events, but does that ‘heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss’ make you feel a little awkward.  i don’t know i kind of does to me.  

josh…i feel you dawg.  the first time i heard this song it was kind of weird to me too.  as a matter of fact, i’ve been asked this question at a few different events we’ve played the song at.  i always explain it like this.  a sloppy wet kiss is not a peck on the cheek.  it’s not even a peck on the lips.  a sloppy wet kiss is what it sounds like.  it’s the kind of kiss that says, “i’m so crazy about you and who you are that i’m gonna get a little undignified with this kiss.”  it’s not perfect but it’s deep, true, real affection toward someone you love unconditionally.  a friend of mine explains it by using his daughters as an example.  sometimes he gets so caught up in his love for his two daughters that he goes in for a kiss and comes away with a face full of snot and drool, but he says those are his favorites.  he says it doesn’t matter how disgusting his face gets…he loves his daughters and he’s got to show it.  God loves you and God loves me in that kind of way.  unconditional, unbiased and forever.  i think that’s what that line is trying to convey.  at the end of the day…i didn’t write the song.  you could try to contact john mark mcmillan for the truest explanation.

from chris…
how did your ministry branch out all over the country? how did you get the opportunity to lead at camps and other churches?

chris…that’s a great question.  i have no idea.  i started playing guitar when i was 13 because i liked music, not because i wanted to lead worship all over the country or sing at North Point Community Church.  i started leading worship in my eighth grade sunday school class because nobody else wanted to and i was the only one who owned a guitar.  i didn’t ever sit down and write out my 17 step plan for becoming a traveling worship leader.  to be honest i didn’t really know everything that was happening while it was happening.  it’s only now that i look back on the past 7 to 8 years of my life and see that it was God and only God that was leading my feet through the doors that He would open.  i would really encourage you and all the other worship leaders out there to dive into John 15:1-8.  

1“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful. 3You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. 4Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. 5“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. 6If anyone does not remain in me, he is like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned.7If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. 8This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.

this has been a place in scripture that i always return to and is always fresh to me.  in order to bear fruit we must remain in Christ…nothing else.  it reminds me that EVERYTHING comes from the vine that i remain plugged into.  there is so much amazing truth in these few verses.  i hope that answers your question.

thanks for your questions guys!  i hope everyone is doing well.  btw…levi’s 511 skinny jeans are on sale at jc penny for $20!  dig in.

seriously…it’s so stinkin hot down here.  my good friend tim gibson likes to say that walking around in panama city beach florida feels like walking around with a wet blanket on your back.  at any rate…we kicked off camp numero uno of the summer here on sunday night.  we’re at a camp called bigstuf.  i’ve been a worship leader at bigstuf since is was 19 years old and i always love being here.  it’s been a place of amazing community and a place for me to learn a lot about leading worship.  one of the things i love most about being here (and most everywhere else we go) is watching a group of students come in the first night of camp and try to figure out what’s acceptable behavior in this new worship environment.  it’s almost visible on all of their faces as they come in.  you can see everyone looking around as the opening song kicks off and the stage lights up and their thinking, “am i the only one that wants to go a little crazy right now.”  everyone is trying to figure out what’s going on and if they can trust bigstuf.  then, 4 days later on the last night of camp, the walls come down and we’re all having one big undignified party.  jumping around and getting sweaty and not caring because we’re with our God and that’s enough.  

it’s also amazing to watch something unique and fresh unfold at every camp we do.  you might think that we do the same thing everywhere we go, but the truth is that every camp experience is different.  i think that’s true because we’re all coming from different places and circumstances in life.  there are common threads that run through an entire summer, but what i’ve found is that if i truly let the Holy Spirit lead me through each camp then i see God meet each group of students where they are.  i definitely couldn’t do that so it’s in everyone’s best interest that i step aside.

so that’s what’s happening here.  you can be praying for a fresh fire to be on us as we get deep into the summer.  love to all!


our band spent most of the day today held up in a tiny church in north georgia writing songs.  we did in fact finish a song entitled “Follow.”  lyrics are below.  i can’t wait for you to hear it.

come on come on, come everyone 
there’s more to come than what’s been done
daughters and sons, come on believe
there’s more than what our eyes can see
can you feel it?
we’re closer to it
it’s a holy voice that’s calling us
make us fearless
in your presence
let your love be strong within us


where you lead us
where we don’t know
we will follow
here we are
lead our hearts
we will run with all we’ve got
we’ll follow

the lost are found, redemptive sounds
are ringing out, are ringing loud
the song is love, release your fears
find your heart alive right here
can you feel it?
we’re closer to it
it’s a holy voice that’s calling
make us fearless
in your presence
let your strength defeat our weakness

so now that we got that awkward first post out of the way we can talk about more meaningful stuff.  im not promising though that things won’t still be a bit awkward at times.  (like right now…breathe…and next paragraph go)

tomorrow my band and i are meeting up to start pulling songs together for our first full length record.  we are planning on starting to record in november of this year and we are all double super buzzed about it.  we’ve been traveling and playing music together for the past 3 years or so and that whole time we’ve been looking ahead to these next several months where we will create something fresh.  if any of you have seen us play in the past few years you know that our set lists usually are comprised of other artists songs.  these songs are great songs but after a while you start to wonder if God is going to give you something of your own.  a separate work that He has ordained for you and you only.  we feel like that time is now.  i would call myself the primary writer/visionary of the group but it’s true that we all have a deep creative purpose in this band.  we all bring something different to the mix that draws different parts of each other out.  it’s going to be interesting to see how all of those parts fit togethere.  there’s me…a pop anthem writer that longs for the genius of tom delonge (if you don’t know who tom delonge is do yourself a favor and go download all of Angels and Airwaves stuff off itunes).  you have joe…a crazy creative drummer who refuses to do anything predictable…that’s a good thing.  tim…a jazz/rock bass player that’s a lot like joe in that he wants to break new ground musically with different chord changes and melodies.  matt…brilliant rock guitar player with an ear for hooks that blows my mind.  alex…another fantastic guitar player with an uncanny ability create an experience you won’t soon forget within a song.  i grew up listening to stuff like billy joel, the eagles, U2, steven curtis chapman, dc Talk etc.  so pop songs are all i’ve really ever known.  i need each one of these guys in my band to pull me out of this sugary sweet pit sometimes.  we are all so different, but somehow this thing remains a cohesive whole.

the most exciting part for me is the chance to venture into uncharted territory in the realm of the worship song writing.  i know that there are things we haven’t seen yet from God.  those are the things i want to pursue.  i love what God says in Isaiah 43.18-19

18 “Forget the former things; 
       do not dwell on the past.

 19 See, I am doing a new thing! 
       Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? 
       I am making a way in the desert 
       and streams in the wasteland.”

our God is a God who moves!  He blows his wind where He wills and as His people we should have our sails up ready to go when He does.  He’s constantly doing new things.  He causes streams of water to spring up in the wasteland.  He makes a way in the desert.  places where we most likely wouldn’t voluntarily go He says are literally blooming.  i love that in verse 19 God asks “do you not perceive it?” like He expects us to.  like He’s curious as to why we haven’t yet “perceived it.”  so often we play out what’s already happened and miss what’s happening.  what about what it says in Galations 5:25 – Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.  when i read that i think of a little girl dancing on the feet of her father.  when he moves…she moves.  i pray that i will be like that with God.  that wherever and whenever He moves that i’m right there with Him.  

for several months now i’ve been sensing that a new movement in the worship culture is on the horizon.  a different kind of worshiper is rising up.  i don’t know specifics or what it looks or sounds like but i don’t want to miss it.  i want to “perceive” it when God does something new.  so im praying that my faith is greater than my fears when God calls me into the wasteland.  is anybody with me?

Musical Suggestion : check out the band hammock.  their newest record called “raising your voice…trying to stop an echo” is pretty awesome.  mostly instrumental it’s great to listen to if you want to chill out or umm…blog.  it’s pure shoegazer bliss.  for those of you who don’t know about the shoegazer genre of music i’ve provide the following link… .


She adores me!

i love baseball.  i played baseball from the time i was 8 until i was 16.  i was a pitcher and i remember getting so geeked up about pitching in an upcoming game that when it came time to pitch in that game i would almost always throw the first pitch into the bleachers.  i have a feeling that’s how this first post is gonna be…see that’s all i’ve got.  come back though.

Musical Suggestion : here is where i’ll suggest something you should go check out.  today i recommend the band M83.  their latest release is called “Saturdays = Youth”.  electronic pop.  very 80s…very cool.  check out the song “We Own the Sky.”