i’m a pretty typical 25 year old guy.  i like baseball and do yard work.  i’m married.  have been for 4 years.  my wife’s name is kerri and we have a 2 year old son named isaac.  we’re in love with Jesus and each other.  i travel with my band and lead worship and write worship songs.  

that’s the cliff notes version of who i am.  i was always a cliff notes kind of student and would’ve probably stopped here.  i realize though that there are some of you out there who enjoy the extensive summer reading list…for you…the following…

we live in quiet little cumming ga. i love my family and i love what i do.  i haven’t always been a worship leader. when i was a kid i didn’t even know what worship was, but i knew that i loved music. i remember the first time that music moved me. i was riding with my dad in the car and we were listening to the eagles. the song was hotel california and i had never heard anything like it. more than that…i was fascinated by how this music made me feel. something deep in me was awakened and i’ve been pursuing the song ever since. after i devoured the eagles record i moved on to billy joel (songs in the attic, the stranger).  i quickly fell in love with songwriting.

pretty soon after that i found my dad’s old guitar and he taught me a few chords. i immediately started writing songs…they were awful songs, but i couldn’t stop writing. there is something so special about songwriting…like you’re tapping into the supernatural or something like that. about that time i ended up at a summer camp with my youth group and God changed the course of my life forever. i felt this inexplicable pull to lead people to love God through music. i didn’t know what that was all about but i started leading songs in my eighth grade sunday school class. i was terrible and it was mostly disastrous.  i continued leading through middle and high school at my church in marietta ga until i graduated high school and went to birmingham al to attend samford university.  i met kerri at samford and we began dating our freshman year.  around that time i had the opportunity to start leading at north point community church.

over the next few years i pulled together some of my best friends to play music with me.  we started traveling and leading together.  at the end of 2008 i joined up with sixstepsrecords and we started work on our first record.

it’s been a pretty unplanned journey to where we are today…we’re excited about the future.


10 Responses to “About Kristian Stanfill”

  1. I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this. It’s amazing to hear stories about how people got to where they are. ~Sheri

  2. Tyler said

    awesome story. it is amazing to me how worship leaders come to that role. thanks to sharing man.

  3. paige said

    soo.you’re pretty much awesome..my youth group went to the first bigstuf camp, and it was so awesome.. they always picked on me, because i thought you were a hottie..still do(: but anyways.. you’re a great leader, please don’t ever stop (:

  4. Roger W said

    I am looking to use one of your songs in worship at our church. As they are not CCLI licensed, do you have a place or contact spot to request such permission. I appreciate your music and would love to use it to lead others to God’s throne.



  5. Elvie said

    i’m blessed with your life.. i saw you in passion world tour in manila.. God bless..

  6. Jez said

    Hello, Kristian.
    I was at Passion Manila last August 1, and was really blessed when you lead us in praise and worship of the Beautiful One.
    I felt your nice spirit and desire to really let His presence flow through the place and the hearts of the young people in that arena. I praise God for your life.
    Thanks for traveling thousands of miles just to minister to the beautiful-spirited young people of Manila, Philippines.

    Thank you very much.

    God bless you more and more and more 🙂

  7. Marc Jess said

    Thanks for your rendition of Jesus Paid It All. The tag part was very cool. Me and my friends at church couldn’t stop singing that part after hearing it at Passion Manila.

    O praise the One
    Who paid my debt
    And raised this life up from the dead

  8. Dan Euhus said


    Since we got a Passion CD and discovered your name on the back, we’ve been really excited to see what God is doing in your life. I’ll admit that it is kind of cool to say, “Hey, I knew that guy when he was in high school, and he was already good then.” Send Kim and I an e-mail, we’d love to catch up a bit more.

    Dan E.

  9. tianna clark said

    hey I love ur music… i love seeing u at browns bridge.

  10. Isabel said

    Hi kristian, i saw you playing on passion mexico city, on saturday morning. I have to tell you that you are extremely annointed, wow!!! i love your song “Hermoso Jesus”. I am part of a christian band in my church in Cuernavaca, Mex, with my best friends, i sing 🙂 we really enjoyed your songs,we really felt the presence of God,and we know that when we attract the presence, there’s nothing more important than that!! 🙂

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