the only ten-i-see

December 30, 2008

hi everyone…

merry greetings from sevierville, TN…where it’s Christmas 365 days a year.  we’re playing live for the first time since we’ve been out of the studio and it feels GREAT!  we’re here leading an event with our good friend Scott Dawson and it’s reminded us of the thrill it is to be a part of the unplanned and supernatural stuff that happens when we follow the Holy Spirit.  this event is also the first time that we’ll be playing new songs.  it’s been good for us to play these songs live and learn how they work in a set.  we’re having a blast!

did everyone have a great christmas?  let me just say…christmas with a 2 year old in the house is so much fun.  this was isaac’s first year to be obsessed with presents.   he caught on pretty quick to the fact that behind the pretty paper were treasures beyond his wildest 2 year old dreams.  and because he has grandparents who love to spoil him…he got lots of treasure.  kerri and i were talking after christmas had wound down…we feel like our childhood has finally ended.  we’re now living vicariously through isaac who is now having the experiences we had as kids.  i received some very generous gifts this year, but my greatest joy was watching isaac open his presents and look at me with with this look that says, “OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!”  amazing…

a new musical development…i’m just discovering Queen.  freddie mercury…are you serious.  this guy has got to be the greatest frontman in the history of rock and roll.  i know what some of you are thinking…i’m like 25 years to late.  well…i grew up on a steady diet of amy grant, steven curtis chapman and dc talk…what do you expect.  anyway, they’re amazing.  what really hooked me was they’re performance at live aid in 1985…electrifying.

on that same note…have you guys heard the new killers record?  our whole band is seriously diggin it.  you should go check it out.

i heart you all

more soon…


5 Responses to “the only ten-i-see”

  1. shanestever said

    A lot of people say Freddie’s performance at Live Aid ’85 was the greatest he ever gave. I think he was the most talented rock vocalist ever, not to mention his supreme songwriting skills.

  2. Matt Bunk said

    The new killers is very good. The first 5 songs are super solid, except maybe for joyride. Have you heard their last album Sawdust. I thought that was great too.

  3. Mayra said

    Merry CHristmas!!

  4. Jason said

    any idea when that new record will be ready?

  5. summersm said

    Freddy does have some chops… but he can’t touch Paul Stanley as demonstrated here:

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