Day 4

November 14, 2008

im sitting in the control room on day 5 listening to Joe track drums.  Joe has been working like a crazy drummer man these past 4 days.  by the end of today we’re hoping to have all the drums done for the first 6 songs.  the cool thing about Matt Goldman is that he himself is a killer drummer, so what you have are two major drumming powers coming together to form the drummer version of captain planet.  seriously…the ideas these two dudes are coming up with are incredible, but i’ll save that for tomorrow.  for now let’s talk about yesterday.

the way we’ve been working is that we’ll arrange a few songs and then joe will track the drums.  then, hopefully today, we’ll start tracking bass and then add in guitars and keys and vocals from there.  we started yesterday with a new song called “Attention”, and then moved on to “Faithful” and “I need You”.  “Faithful” and “I Need You” are songs that we’ve played alot over the past few years.  again…goldman is doing a great job at bringing fresh ideas to these songs that really bring them back to life for us and make them exciting to play again.

on a relational note…i love these guys.  we are having a great time making this record together.  we’ve been playing together for the past 3 years and we’ve been dreaming of making a record for a while.  to do it this way with these people is amazing.  i can see now how every moment of the past few years has led us here.  the timing is right.  our connection to one another started out as a musical one.  now, the music is what we do together, but it’s not what connects us.  what connects us is our love for God and our love for each other.  we’ve been frustrated together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve celebrated together, we’ve cried and asked God for mercy together.  because of all that, this record and these songs have something deeper running through them.  this band and this record are a reflection of a relational God that created mankind to experience community with each other and with Him.  we hope that comes through.

more soon…


3 Responses to “Day 4”

  1. Mayra said

    Just curious, but since you like to blog will you be explaining how you wrote each song on the record?

  2. Sean said

    been waiting for you guys to get a record out… ever since hearing you at Passion ’07 as the silver groups worship leader 😀

    keep it up guys!

  3. aaron said

    that’s cool you guys are recording with Goldman. how’d you guys get connected with him?

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