Day 2 n’ 3

November 13, 2008

tuesday was day 2 for us in the studio.  we spent the day and the later part of the night finishing arrangement and drums for Lord of All.  i can’t wait for you to hear Joe’s playing.  in my opinion…it doesn’t get any better than Joe Thibodeau on drums.  after we wrapped up drums on Lord of All we started work on a new song called Kingdom which is a drastic change from the mid-tempo anthem feel of Lord of All.  you’ll understand what i mean when you hear it.  we’re particularly excited about Kingdom.

yesterday would’ve been day 3 in the studio but instead we spent all day in atlanta taking pictures for the record.  we had a great time shooting with an incredible photographer from nashville named david molnar.  david was a perfect fit for me and the band.  a special thanks goes out to my bro taylor who hooked us up with some killer locations atop some of the coolest buildings in atlanta.  i think we got some pretty cool stuff.  can’t wait for you to see.

and that brings us to today…day 4.  we’ll be hitting it hard today in the studio hoping to get a jump on a few more songs before the weekend hits.

more soon…

3 Responses to “Day 2 n’ 3”

  1. jeramy said

    very cool. are you guys financing this yourself?

  2. Mayra said

    thank you for sharing your experiences with us while you record this album!

  3. this is so awesome! I’m so excited to hear this thing and worship with it…. when is the projected realease?

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