Day 1

November 11, 2008

well…day 1 is in the books and we’re off.  we spent most of the day yesterday getting everything set up and sounding good.  joe is playing one of Goldman’s drum kits and it sounds fantastically massive.  because most of the day was spent doing set up, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to start on anything, but we did get a jump on Lord of All.  

Lord of All is a song that we’ve been playing for a while now so it was good to get a fresh perspective on it from Goldman.  he had some amazing ideas that were subtle but really brought the song to life again for me and the guys.  i think you guys are gonna like it.  we’re hoping to finish up Lord of All today.

we love you guys.  more to come soon…

5 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. jeramy said

    praying for you guys.

  2. thats awesome Kristian. Lord of All is one of my favorites. We play that one when we travel to lead worship. Awesome! I’ll be praying hardcore for you all

  3. Mayra said

    Yay! I like Lord of All!

  4. jbstansel said

    hey I heard the demo for wake up and it really is awesome. can’t wait to hear lord of all..

    i’ll be praying for you guys

  5. Alby said

    Lord of All is prob. my favorite song so far. Really good work with that bro, truly blessed. What is the name of the song you shared at 722 on the “our songs” night? shoot, sorry I dont have more info for you. But its not on your EP or anywhere else.

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