North Carolina

November 7, 2008

It’s been a while since we’ve traveled together as a band. We’ve missed it.

There’s a game we like to play when we’re on the road. While we’re in the car we take turns playing songs from our iPods. The goal is to pick a song that will inevitably get everyone in the car bobbing their heads and singing along. Here’s a list of what’s played so far…

We started with shiny toy gun’s new record. Then went to…

Third Eye Blind
John Mayer
Stevie Wonder
Jackson 5
Def Leopard
The Beatles
Guns & Roses
Milli Vanilli
The Police
The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Now we’re on Pearl Jam. We’ve been nerding out on cool grooves and guitar tones. I think the consensus is that we’re not creative enough. I’m also realizing that while I was stuck in my Christian music bubble when I was in middle school I was missing out on great bands like pearl jam.

Anyway…it’s been a great trip so far. Below is a pic of us eating in our favorite Charlotte, NC called The Penguin. Love you all…


6 Responses to “North Carolina”

  1. Mayra said

    Jack Johnson is pretty cool…

  2. jeramy said

    don’t forget STP.

  3. Don’t often hear “Milli Vanilli” and “guitar tone” in the same sentence…good times!

  4. Welcome to Charlotte for a bit! Hope this weekend rocks out with the presence of God like crazy!!

  5. Brian Reese said

    I swear… I think Timmy owns 7 of that same shirt. I mean, c’mon… horizontal stripes?

  6. Patrick said

    Hey Kristian, I just wanted to let you know that Chris did get a good recording of Kingdom… he has edited the video and has it on his vimeo… get in touch if you want the address so you can see it.

    The PowerPoint guy at CCYC

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