Chi Town

October 14, 2008

Matt and I are coming at cha from Chicago tonight. We’re leading at a college bible study called 631 ( We just came off stage from a powerful time of worship. It’s alive here and I love it.

Let me leave you with one last thought…

Another great thing about being in Chicago is Giordano’s pizza. If your not keen to Giordsno’s then let me fill you in…


8 Responses to “Chi Town”

  1. giordanos is the most amazing pizza EVER. envy flows like wine right now.

  2. jeramy said

    no joke. that’s some pizza.

  3. Mayra said

    whoa, that’s pizza??!

  4. meikoseymour said

    I have never seen such splendor in my whole life

  5. amashni said

    been there. soo good!

  6. taylor said

    any idea when the cd’s comin out?

  7. Phil said

    Dude Im going to Chicago this weekend, I am already planing on eating there.

  8. Mitchell said

    haven’t been there in ages!

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