catalyst 08

October 10, 2008


first of all…im glad you guys dig the new song.  thank you for your encouragement.  me and the guys have been overwhelmed by the response it’s getting.  we’re excited to share more as we can.

second…i’ve spent the past couple of days at catalyst conference 2008 and it’s been really amazing.  catalyst is a leadership conference for church leaders that takes place here in atlanta every year around this time.  they always have the latest and greatest authorities on leadership in and outside of the church sharing invaluable leadership principles.  as a leader myself…i always end up taking pages of notes and walking away from catalyst a better leader on and off the stage (i’ve pasted some notes i took from Andy Stanley’s talk yesterday morning below).

the other cool thing about catalyst conference is the clear and undeniable presence of God.  every year i can count on a powerful experience with God.  this year steve fee, eddie kirkland, aaron keyes and myself were leading and it was a blast.  all these guys are great friends of mine and to be able to lead together in one place is so SO cool.

anyway…im exhausted and ready for a restful weekend.  i’ll be leading at browns bridge this week so if you see me…say hi.

bye for now

As leaders…alignment of our creed and our deed is critical. People  
follow leaders with moral authority.

Areas where we must have moral authority:
Forgiveness – we have been forgiven, therefore we should forgive.  We  
have to forgive the wrongs done to us.  There is no excuse for bitter  
church leaders.  The boldest thing you can do as a leader is to get on  
your knees and release the ways in which you’ve been wronged.

Family – if your wife feels like the church is your mistress…you’ve  
lost moral authority.  Prioritize the role that know one else can  
play. There will be other worship leaders…no one else will be a  
father to Isaac. No one else will be a husband to kerri.

Finances – we need to be able to stand up as Christian leaders and  
say, “our finances are in order.”  if you want to lead generous  
people…be a generous person.

3 Responses to “catalyst 08”

  1. carsonconover said

    hey man…Catalyst was tight. It was cool hearing Beautiful Jesus live. We play it all the time at our church, thanks for the post.

  2. jakeatgccnh said

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that as fellow worship leader, your passion for Jesus just spilled out into what I think was one of the best times of worship at Catalyst this year. It was an honor to be lead in worship by you.


  3. jason said

    Such great words. Thanks Kristian (and Andy)

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