wake up

October 8, 2008

a new song…

wake up

19 Responses to “wake up”

  1. Matt Sanderlin said

    Wow. That song is tight. I mean, very very impressive. I still have your A Different World record that I bought from Troy Gambrell like 3 years ago and it’s still amazing too. I really hope God continues to bless you in your music and your aspirations. And definitely keep the music coming!!

  2. Matt Xiong said

    Awesome! I love it! Can’t wait for the finished project.

  3. Matt Xiong said

    Will “Running” be on the new CD? It should. It’s an awesome and very encouraging song that I know will touch so many people who need to run towards a life with Christ. You guys should also record a Spanish version of “Beautiful Jesus”! God bless!

  4. Alan M. said

    Seriously….this song is awesome!!! I love the tempo and the melody is great too.

  5. jeramy said

    excellent. awesome….new music!

  6. Mayra said

    awesome! thank you for the preview =) May God continue to be with you through this record making process…..

  7. Megan Wilson said

    Flippin Sweet!! Loving it…we just finished a series at our church in Madison, AL called “Come Awake”. It was taught straight from Eph 5:14!! So “Waking Up” is fresh on my mind and heart…what a perfect tune God has blessed me with through you guys!! Rock On!

  8. chris fenner said


  9. Rachel said

    awesome guys! i am excited!!

  10. James said

    There are some great ideas in this song. I think it needs a little more polish. I’m hearing some vocal harmonies on the chorus, some BGV’s lower in the mix with lots of delay and reverb.

    Also hearing a synth arpeggio in the mix.

    Some of the “wake”s in the “wake up” part are a tad flat but you can nail them.

    I really like the vibe of the song and the groove. Good lyrical imagery on the first verse. Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

  11. awesome kristian… you are the man… nice falsetto bro… thanks for the preview, and i cant wait to hear everything and have it and play it and sing it

  12. Luke said

    let me throw in a second vote for running.

    a studio version of that song would be sweet.

  13. B.J. Price said

    Cool song, Kristian. Keep it up.

    God Bless,


  14. leighton said

    You’re my hero! If this is just a glimpse of what’s to come…then i cannot wait to get my mind blown!

  15. Caleb said

    I’m with James, add some sweet BGV’s. I could hear some Sigur Ros type ambient vox stuff or Band Hammock.

    I love the falsetto!


  16. Jorge C. said

    diggin’ the new song Kristian…

  17. Kristian,

    It was great to hear you guys lead worship Friday morning at Catalyst. I love the new song and would love to put a link on my blog to it, if you are cool with that.

  18. Bill Whitt said

    I love the song and love the falsetto. I think it needs to go somewhere, though. The drums and electric guitar parts are pretty even throughout. I’d give the verses, choruses and bridge each a distinct feel in the final cut so you’re not lost in the song. Maybe you hold back with the current drum beat until the the final chorus hits and the tension finally releases with a driving drum beat with tons of cymbals. And the power chords would then be rockin’ off several guitars… Just a thought. Plus, I love the idea of some light synth arpeggios and vocal harmonies too.

    Keep it up, and keep us posted on your new songs. I love hearing them!

    Like Matt, I also still have your Different World album, and I love your older stuff too. You’re versatile in that you can pull off the “singer songwriter” acoustic vibe, the modern worship thing (of course), a U2 feel (as with this track), or a billion other things. I’d like to see some more acoustic-guitar-love-story stuff sometime. That’s good stuff too!

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