Hermoso Jesus

October 5, 2008

i don’t have a lot of words for this video.  

this is a moment that we shared with the beautiful Mexicans at Passion Mexico City.  all our attention was turned toward Jesus.  with one voice and in one language we worshipped Him.

hermoso Jesus, hermoso salvador
nada es mas grande, brillante creador
amigo mio
perfecto en poder, sublime en gloria 
nada es mas grande, brillante creador
amigo mio 


mind blowing

thank you God for Passion Mexico City


15 Responses to “Hermoso Jesus”

  1. Mayra said

    thank you for posting this video!! this is the city that i have been focusing my prayers on for the passion world tour!

  2. Joe Cross said

    Kristian…thanks for coming down to our magnificent city and helping bring these students into the transforming presence of Christ!! You can’t imagine how much singing in their own tongue blessed them. Hope you come again hermano.

  3. Jorge C. said

    amazing bro – i wish i was there with u guys… but my prayers are with u and the passion team…u all are amazing…

  4. hi kristian! thank you so much for sharing this. i teach ESOL, and 90% of my students are Hispanic…this video gives me renewed passion and clear vision for why i am where i am for this time! may God bless you richly.

  5. Mary said

    That’s one of my favorite songs. That was beautiful! I so wish I could have been there. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kristian,

    Thank you for coming to Mexico City and for impacting the lives of college students for the Kingdom. You are the real deal. I had a blast connecting with you, and getting to know the guys in your band. You guys impacted eternity here, and the gospel will move ahead as movements are launched on university campuses here in Mexico City as a result of Passion Mexico City and the impact you made here. What would you think about putting Hermoso Jesus on your album—-or putting on a bonus track with a Spanish song.

  7. Mary Carmen said

    Lamento mucho que mi ingles sea tan pobre, pero gracias! Está canción ha marcado mi vida.

  8. vertice said

    Brother, thanks for coming to Mexico and for sharing this beautiful message with us.

    May our Lord bless your ministry and family!

  9. Lilian Faleiro said

    Hi Kristian! May God bless you more and more and take you to a thousand of other cities so you can share what he has given you!
    This is Lilian from Brasil and I´m really glad I had the chance to meet you and your wife this weekend!
    It is amazing to know more brothers and sisters all over the world commited to God and ready to do his will and praise him as he deserves to be praised!!!!

  10. Wow.

    I have no words.

  11. Jorge C. said

    just fyi (Mary’s comment) is:

    I regret my english is so poor, but thanks! This song has marked my life.
    Thank You!!

  12. jeramy said

    wow! dude! god is big. way bigger than us. bigger then songs. bigger then language. he is. praise the lord!

  13. patrickdowning said

    Hey Man – this is Pat Downing. I play a Church in Raleigh called Visio Dei. This video just blew my mind. Thanks for sharing dude…

  14. Ahiezer Merari Alvir said

    That was awesome man !!!!
    well, Kristian, You have to lead worship one day at NPCC en Espanol. We will start the new ministry this Sunday… You and Seth Coundry would make a great impact in our church and culture. Thanks. Que Dios te bendiga.

  15. Omahr said

    increíble, de los mejores momentos de Passion Mexico.
    (1:31 esas son mis manos :P)


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