here we go

September 30, 2008

well…we’re just a couple of hours away from an explosion of creativity in atlanta, ga.  joe, tim, matt, alex and i will be headed to our secret band cave to start creating new music.  we are all going into this month with a huge sense of expectancy for what’s to come.  we are believing in God to do something fresh through these songs and offer something new to worship music.  we desire most of all to offer something that is a true representation of who God has made us to be as a band and as sons of God.  we are praying that God would put new melodies and lyrics in our hearts that would call His people to fresh confessions of love and adoration.  what we know is…this is not something we can do on our own.  going into this month we are constantly praying for full and complete dependence on God and His Holy Spirit for revelation and inspiration.

pray with us this month

for humility…dependence on God…and songs that will inspire fresh confessions from the church.

we love you guys.  i’ll try to keep updates consistent throughout the next few weeks to let you know how it’s coming along.

4 Responses to “here we go”

  1. jeramy said

    man…i hope all goes well. can’t wait to hear what comes out.

  2. Jorge C. said

    awaiting with great anticipation for what’s to come…. will be praying for u guys

  3. Sean said

    have an amazing time…

    God is really using this tour for amazing things!

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