The Fall

September 25, 2008

i love this time of year.  i think everyone does.  whenever it comes around kerri and i leave doors open and take long walks in our neighborhood.  it’s fall and it’s magic.  isn’t it inspiring?  i love to sit in my back yard with my guitar and write folk songs all day long.

this fall season is especially exciting for us for a few reasons.

one…isaac is almost 2 and halloween is going to be a blast.  i asked him the other day what he wanted to be for halloween and he said, “umm…momma.”  oddly enough they didn’t have any momma outfits at target, so we settled for his second choice…elmo.  isaac loves elmo.  he wakes up every morning, drinks some “mulk”, eats some “yeerios” and watches “melmo” on sesame street.  kerri and i have really grown to love sesame street.  the producers are brilliant.  amidst the sesame street drama and the letter and number of the day they pepper celebrity appearances that are really hilarious.  the other day they had Jamie Fox on.  he was visited by a fox named jamie and a duck named jamie fox.  all three jamie foxes sang the alphabet song.  it was pretty funny.  at any rate…we’re looking forward to getting isaac a elmo outfit to wear.  

the other reason i’m pumped about this october is that me and the guys in the band are going to spend most of the month putting the finishing touches on new songs before we hit the studio in november.  we’ve found a space in atlanta that we’re going to set up in and get to work.  i think some pretty cool stuff is in the works.  as i can i will let you guys in on some of the songs.

one last thing…whenever fall rolls around i find myself digging through itunes and asking friends for cool new folk artists with beautiful chilled out music.  this year i’ve found a couple of things that are flat out amazing.  

the first is a david wilcox style artist named andy gullahorn.  my good buddy alex nifong turned me on to this guy.  he’s from nashville and writes beautiful songs.  i recommend the record “Room to Breathe” and the song “beginning of the end”.  you will love it.   

the second is the new John Mark McMillan record called “The Medicine”.  john mark is an independent artist from charlotte, nc who will blow you away with his creative arrangements and lyrics.  the song “carbon ribs” is my fav.

so roll down your windows and open your doors cause fall is here.

8 Responses to “The Fall”

  1. Mayra said

    you forgot the most important thing that comes with fall….



    good luck in the studio…

  2. I’ve been listening to John Mark online…really cool stuff…sounds a lot like my fave Pete Yorn, Im buying “the medicine” as we speak.

    Out of curiousity, do you play any of his stuff in leading corporate worship?? If so, which tunes?



  3. hey nate…
    of john mark’s songs…we play “how he loves” a good bit. it’s on his last record “the song inside the sounds of breaking down”.

  4. Mary said

    My niece will be 2 in December and loves Elmo too. Whenever she sees him it’s always “Loo, Ah-ee, Melmo!” (translation Look Aunty, Elmo!). Can’t wait to hear the new music! Have fun in the studio!

  5. Jamie said

    I hope you are going to be posting some cute pictures of Issac in his Elmo costume on here.

  6. brianwurzell said

    oh the contrast of 102 degrees today in phoenix. i’m ready to feel the fall on my skin and open up the windows to feel a breeze that doesn’t feel like a BLOW DRYER!

    you make atlanta sound intriguing! 🙂

  7. taylor said

    yo kristian ima huge fan in chi city i think youre a great worship leader and cant wait till you come out with a new cd. but this summer at our camp we started singing that song how he loves us and its great, the lyrics are just hard hitting to me

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