Refuge and the Genius Sidebar

September 13, 2008

hello everyone!

we’ve had a great week here at the stanfill house.  i got back 3 am on wednesday morning from birmingham.  refuge proved to be an amazing experience.  first let me say that the Holy Spirit is SO good.  i love being in a place where you can feel God’s presence moving freely and powerfully.  second, after tuesday i’ve learned that a room full with youth pastors free of teenagers is a beautiful thing.  if you are a youth pastor that attended refuge you know what i mean…wow!!  it’s been a long time since i heard singing that loud in America.  seriously…it was LOUD in that room.  i remember standing back from the mic several times and thinking, “i don’t think it could get any louder in here.”  i also remember you all being very good singers…by that i mean on pitch.  it was a great experience all around.

another hero of the day was Student Life.  this free event was basically a way for student life to say to all the youth pastors who have bringing students to their camps for the past 10 years…thank you.  the day was committed to seeking God for the purpose of refreshment for these youth leaders who tirelessly serve students all over the country.  this was a very important event for me personally for a few different reasons.

i shared this from stage on tuesday, but it’s worth repeating.  i became a Christian at a Student Life camp in 1996 on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee.  dave busby was speaking and michael john clement was leading worship.  it was my first experience with the Holy Spirit and i spent most of the week on my face.  i became a Christian at this camp, but i also took my first steps toward learning guitar and worship leading.  for some reason it all made sense to me that week.  i was 12 years old.  i remember leaving that week of camp at a loss for what to do next.  my youth pastor must have seen that in me and he stepped in and became a great friend and mentor.  his name is david peacock.  David taught me scripture.  he taught me what worship is according to the Bible and what it meant to lead people in worship.  david married kerri and i five years ago and i talk to him on a regular basis.  he’ll be a friend for life.  

for this reason, this past tuesday was a very special event for me.  here i was…on stage…at a student life event…leading 1500 youth pastors.  i’m a product of a life changing camp experience and a youth pastor that tirelessly devoted himself to me and my friends.  i love youth ministry.  God used youth ministry to change my life forever.  i believe in youth ministry.  i believe in youth pastors.  that’s why we spend so much of our time leading students.  i pray that somewhere along the way there’s a kid who’s eyes are being opened for the first time and God is drawing him or her to something that will one day take His kingdom to new places for His glory.  tuesday was a cool day.  thanks to all everyone who came and thanks to Student Life for having us!

next up on the agenda…genius sidebar.  have you downloaded itunes 8.0 yet?  if you haven’t…do please.  if you have…throw your hands in the air genius sidebar is here!  im serious when i say this…i think steve jobs has a wireless connection to my hopes and dreams because genius sidebar is an answer to them all.  check it out.

i’ll leave you with this excerpt from an interview i did with Charles “Charlie” Gibson.  we were sitting in my living room, isaac was hitting him with a wiffle bat and we were talking about how bloggin ain’t easy.  he seemed to think i wasn’t ready for the mantle of leadership a blogger has to carry.  here’s a piece of our convo…

Charles Gibson (CG) – “so kristian, when you started bloggin, was there any part of you that was scared?”

Kristian Stanfill (Que Es) – “no, i was ready.”

CG – “frightened?”

Que Es – “no”

CG – “overwhelmed?”

Que Es – “no, charlie (i reach out and touch his shoulder), don’t you see?  bloggin ain’t easy that’s for sure.  in fact, every time i try to write a post i come up short, but maybe one day it will be just like i think it should.”


7 Responses to “Refuge and the Genius Sidebar”

  1. Jorge C. said

    great song… ha

  2. Bairet said

    I was at that same student life camp at covenant college..good times. thanks for coming out to athens by the way, had a blast

  3. Lindsay said

    i’m so excited about genius sidebar too, it really is amazing. i was already planning on blogging about it and you beat me to it!

    the power of the holy spirit in our young lives is still unbelievable to me. amen!

  4. Rachel said

    I am downloading Itunes 8.0 as i type… im excited to see what it does 🙂
    You are using your talents to glorify God, and I can not wait until the next time i get the chance to worship with you again! Continue to do what you do!

  5. Mayra said

    that genius sidebar thing is kinda like pandora music channel, right?

    if it’s not then i dunno what it does…lol

  6. jeramy said

    student life sounds amazing! what a neat circle for you.

    i’m with you on the genius sidebar. super amazing…

    yes, mayra….just like pandora.

  7. stephen said

    Angels and Airwaves are coming to Georgia with WEEZER.

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