Athens, Atlanta and Birmingham

September 7, 2008

We’ve been on the go lately. These few days are going to be tiring, but also way satisfying.

We were in Athens last night leading a worship night for uga students. Athens, GA is the coolest. Being there makes me miss college. All the polo shirts, croakies and short khaki shorts…oh the memories. At any rate….It was a pretty amazing night. We were there working with our good friends at Athens Church. Sean Seay is the pastor there and is a great old friend of ours. Being with college students again was so refreshing.

Tonight we were with our favorite Monday night crowd…The Living Room. In case I haven’t told you about TLR before…it’s a college ministry of Buckhead Church. We meet in downtown atl every Monday night at 8pm. It’s an incredibly free and alive ministry that we LOVE being a part of. Tonight was week two of the fall semster and it went great. I love the freedom we have when we lead there.

From TLR we loaded up in two cars and now we are on I-20 west headed to Birmingham, AL. We’re leading tomorrow at an event called refuge that Student Llife is hosting. The event is for youth pastors to come and take it easy for a couple of days and seek God together. Our goal is to use our gifts as a band to pour into these heroes of youth ministry. Hopefully, we’re praying, they leave feeling refreshed.

It hit me as I’m preparing for this event that all throughout Psalms David cries out to God and calls Him a fortress and a strong tower and his…Refuge. It’s good for me to realize before we lead even one song tomorrow that I am not anyone’s refuge. We’re a part of this event to lead people to the God that is. We’re praying that tomorrow will be an intimate time with the Holy Spirit and we all leave changed.

I’ll catch you up on how it went later.

7 Responses to “Athens, Atlanta and Birmingham”

  1. jeramy said

    what a great reminder….we’re not leading people to us, or our pastors…but rather to god. that’s a good thing! take care…

  2. Mayra said

    good luck at refuge!

  3. matt ellis said

    kristian…i am here in birmingham with you and just so blessed by you. i appreciate you and the way you go after god when leading worship…again thanks and know that i am praying for you as well…
    matt ellis
    goldsboro, nc

  4. Jorge C. said

    sounds like you’re keeping busy… i’m sure you’ll be amazing… and God will show up and be super amazing too…

  5. Bairet said

    thanks so much for coming to athens. I go to browns bridge when I’m home on the weekends but I’ve never seen you and the band at a dedicated college event. the level of energy last sunday night compared to a sunday morning at BBCC was unreal. I brought some of my friends (all of us in polos, croakies, and short khakis, haha) and we had a blast. thanks again for taking time to come out to athens, it means a lot!

  6. Adam said

    I was at refuge and immensely enjoyed worshipping with you guys there. It was incredible. I do have one question though…
    The song with the chorus that consisted of “I need you Jesus (2x), I need clean hands, I can’t, but you can…” (I’m glad I get to type this and don’t have to sing it to anyone to get my point across).
    What song is that? Who wrote it? And where can I find it?

  7. Ben said

    Hey man.. boy was refuge needed.. I am one of the youth pastors that was there.. I really enjoyed your music and it led my worship to my father… man when we sang I need you Jesus the last night was so awesome.. Thanks..and what about that message David Platt brought…wow.. Thanks and keep on letting God us you guys.

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