Coffee and the Holy Spirit

September 5, 2008

Well…my “72 hours of possibility” is over and I can honestly say that my hard work paid off. With a little help from two pots of coffee and a lot of help from the Holy Spirit I emerged from my office late on Wednesday afternoon pretty darn pumped. I was able to finish a few pre-existing ideas and start a couple new ones. All of which I am very excited. I’m going to record some demos soon and post them up here or on my myspace. Thanks for all of your comments of encouragement and prayer.

We led at Free Chapel tonight in gainsville, ga. We had never been there before and it was great to be in a new place with new people. If you live in the gainsville area you should check out The Turn on Thursday nights at 7:30 at Free Chapel. It’s pretty slammin.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Birmingham, al to meet with our good friends at Student Life. We are going to be having a creative brainstorming meeting about the conference tour we’ll be starting in spring of 09. We did this same tour back in the spring of 07 and it went great. we’ll be leading with our good friends Stuart hall and Francis chan which makes us glad. The conferece tour is going to be called “Live Love”. It’s based on the truth that we as Christians are called to live a life that shows the love of God to everyone we touch. We are so excited to team up with SL again. You can check out for the specific conference dates. Come see us.

Ok…it’s getting late and I have intentions of running in the morning.

I’m kristian stanfill and I approve this message.

5 Responses to “Coffee and the Holy Spirit”

  1. jeramy said

    dude! so exciting to get new songs! that’s awesome. in the last couple weeks god has completely opened that blockage for me. seriously, i had nothing for a year or so…but now…they just keep coming. that’s such an amazing thing. i can’t wait to hear what he’s given you.

    take care…

  2. Mayra said

    Good, I’m glad that you were able to get a lot done friend!! =)

  3. Brad said

    Hey man, i was thinking about checking out “The Living Room” meetings and was just curious if you lead there every week…?

  4. kimcintyre said


    This is pretty random, but I thought you might be able to pass along to your friend Joe that little Eli from Newberg, Oregon is still talking about him. (Eli is my 3 year old son and we’re the family that crashed the Student Life conference for the worship times at night.)

    Today as we walked by George Fox U. Eli asked where Joe the drummer is today and what Joe the drummer is doing and what kind of house Joe the drummer lives in and why Joe had to fly home on a plane…it’s all pretty funny. Joe just pops up in conversation every once in awhile.

    Thanks for taking time the time to talk with him. We’re looking forward to connecting with Student Life again sometime!

    kim & eli

  5. MARY said

    Sounds like your back to normal…hopefully i’ll get to c u at the conferance!
    MuCh LoVe!!! MARY

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