72 hours of possibility

September 1, 2008

for the next 72 hours i have nothing to do.  i will play with my son, kiss my wife, run and write music…that’s it.  i might even try to do all four at the same time.  it’s been a while since i had three days off.  consequently…it’s been a while since i’ve felt especially creative.  im the type of person that needs to dedicate a chunk of time to the creative process.  i don’t do very well with start-stop-start-stop creating.  i know some people who can create in small pieces over a long period of time and they astound me.  i might should work on becoming that kind of songwriter but that sounds…hard.  anyway…it does something to the creative side of my brain when i look at my calender and see nothing for the next three days.  something sparks to life in me.  i begin to daydream hopefully of productivity and diligence.  i imagine that i emerge from my office on thursday morning with 12 songs that will forever change the way the world sees music.  the reality though is that i will probably get distracted by some application on my iPhone and i won’t write a thing.  one outcome is realistic and other is extremely optimistic.  i’ll let you decide which is which.

the problem here is that i know which of the previous options i will be more inclined to lean towards.  i will have very noble and honest intentions of dedicating these few days to writing music, but somewhere along the way i will get distracted.  now…at this point i could go into some long profound tangent about how i’m having some self-revelation about my work ethic or how God is teaching me that i need to lay my iPhone down on the altar of my obsession with culture, but actually i think it’s much easier than that.  

i need a swift kick in the pants.

so im gonna work hard these next few days to finish some preexisting ideas and maybe start some new ones.  we’ll see what happens.

5 Responses to “72 hours of possibility”

  1. Paige said

    Kristian, I’m trying to make myself write this week too, so I completely understand b/c I keep getting distracted! Grrr. Praying you are divinely inspired!

  2. Jorge C. said

    that’s awesome, pretty funny, but i can so much relate, have a great time in your endeavor, hahaha

  3. Mayra said

    i’ll pray that you get discipline and creative energy!!

  4. you type as much or more than i do.
    makes me feel better.
    miss you buddy-boy!


  5. PS:
    start off with a kid’s song…whatever you do after that will be phenomenal!

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