1:23 am…why am i not in bed?

August 28, 2008

it’s 1:23 am and im not sure why im not in bed.  i stayed up to do some songwriting but i’ve given up for the night.  songwriting is an interesting thing.  sometimes you feel all this inspiration to write something really cool, but end up with nothing.  other times it’s just the opposite.

it’s been a cool past couple of days.  kerri and i spent the day yesterday in nashville celebrating with our friends at EMI/sixsteps records.  chris tomlin’s records “arriving” and “see the morning” went platinum (1,000,000 records) and gold (500,000 records).  in a day where not many records are being sold that’s a pretty unique thing.  it was so cool to watch the humility all over the people at EMI and sixsteps.  the recognition of God’s grace and blessing in the whole process was so clear.  chris is such a great example of a man who has submitted wholly to the will of God in his life.  he isn’t trying at all to hold onto any sort of fame or recognition in this whole thing.  as a 25 year old worship leader/songwriter it’s so good for me to see someone like that.  be sure to check out chris’ new record that comes out september 2nd called “Hello Love.”  it’s really really great.  kerri and i both think it’s his best.  you can take that for whatever it’s worth.

it’s so good to be back home.  i had rehearsal for browns bridge community church tonight.  browns bridge is a sister campus of north point community church and it’s where kerri and i call home.  i love leading there.  i have several close friends on staff there and i love their commitment to the free movement and wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit.  we are doing a version of a an acoustic set this sunday.  it consists of a kick-snare-hat drum kit, two acoustic guitars, a piano, a bass player, two background vocalists, and me leading. we’ve got three songs planned with an allotted “freedom time.”  “freedom time” is something new that we’re trying at browns bridge and i gotta be honest…it fires me up.  it’s time added to the worship set and can be used by the worship leader however he or she sees fit.  this is why i love browns bridge.  so this sunday i have around 3 extra minutes to do with whatever i feel is best.  now…3 minutes might not sound like alot to you, but 3 minutes is an eternity my world.  im very expectant for this sunday.

tomorrow i’m going to the braves game with my drummer and good friend joe thibodeau.  i haven’t been to a game yet this year.  i used to be such a die hard braves fan.  it’s funny what takes a back seat when you have kids.  i was a really big  baseball fan for a while.  i was up on all the stats and standings.  i never missed a trade or a steroid scandal, but now i can honestly say i have no idea what’s going on.  i’ll have to spend some time on the information super-highway tomorrow before the game and catch up on what’s happening in the MLB. 

ok…im finally getting tired.  time to hit the sack.

stanfill out!

5 Responses to “1:23 am…why am i not in bed?”

  1. jeramy said

    yo. i’m with you on the songwriting thing. can’t seem to find the rhyme or reason to the inspiration / random thought ratio.

    so cool about chris. from an outsider looking in, i’ve always felt exactly what you expressed about him….so, that’s cool that it is actually that way.

    enjoy the game….take care.

    less of me…

  2. Mayra said

    yay! update!

  3. brianpirkle said

    well because i care i’ll tell you – way back when – they use to stuff sacks with hay for the mattresses and pillows – hense the term “Hit the sack” or “Hit the hay”

    Miss you man

  4. Wendy said

    we were at NP for several yrs but left b/c there was no “freedom”. we now attend Freedom Tabernacle were there is complete freedom and no set schedule – the Holy Spirit has complete control. I just wanted to say “Way to Go” and I know that the Holy Spirit will show up and make that “3 minutes” change lives for eternity!!!

  5. shaesweeney said

    we love having you at BBCC…. and that sunday was wonderful!! actually, it was life changing for my aunt who was in town visiting (remind me to tell you that story next time we see you.) thanks for always encouraging our staff as we seek out the holy spirit’s guidance week to week. see you soon kickstand….

    shae’s lounger…

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