light as lemon pudding

August 19, 2008

can i just start this off by apologizing for the extremely high level of drama in my last post. i stand by everything i wrote, but wow…i must have been in a very emo-rrific mood on friday night. thanks for pressing through!

so…in an attempt to lighten the mood here at que es, this post is going to be a collection of snappy, upbeat and/or lighthearted happenings.

first up…manila. i can’t get to far away from august 1st without writing about how incredible our trip to manila, philipines was. those of you that have been keeping up with the passion blog already know about the massive movement of God that happened there, but for those of you who aren’t up to speed…me and the guys in the band hopped aboard the passion world tour with the passion team and headed to manila. the church of Jesus is alive and thriving there. we went to join with the believers in manila in lifting Jesus’ name up…and we did. for over 3 hours we got a lot a bit crazy in our love for God. the filipinos are some of the most beautiful and exciting people i’ve ever been around. their smiling faces and loud voices have been impressed on my heart forever. it was a night that only God could’ve orchestrated and we were overwhelmed to be a part of it. manila…we’ll be back.

second…charlie hall’s new record. “the bright sadness” released today and if you haven’t already…go buy it. charlie always comes at songwriting in such a fresh way and “the bright sadness” is no exception. beautifully honest lyrics and music that help me give voice to new confessions to God. i have been listening to this record for the past few weeks and i’m still digging in and loving EVERY track. all that to say. it’s one of the most honest and creative records that’s come out this year…you’ll love it. also..if you’re in the atlanta area tonight at around 7:30, charlie and his band will be releasing the new record at 7|22. you should def come and check it out.

third…something happened at our last camp of the summer that i’d like to share with you. we were in portland, oregon. it was a 5 day camp with our good friends student life. on the last day of camp our drummer joe woke up in a bit of a predicament. the video below should explain everything…

come to find out, this is a pretty common condition. joe’s doctor said that this is happening more and more due to extremely high levels of the tinkerbell hormone in poultry these days. he removed the wings and put joe on a strict poultry free diet. joe is ok.

fourthly…my son isaac is counting to ten now. we think this a direct result of his obsession with elmo. i’ve tried several times to catch this on video, but so far i haven’t had any luck. i did catch this though…

with that i say…stanfill out.

Post update – it’s 3am…i cant sleep…Charlie and band rocked at 722 tonight. “Hookers and robbers”…WOW!

9 Responses to “light as lemon pudding”

  1. Mayra said

    awwwwwwww, he looks like a blonde you!!

    how cute

  2. he is adorable. Thanks for the awesome worship experience at 9:00 BBCC last week, hope to see you up there more often-guy did a great job of leading us in worship

  3. joebrim said

    man. i need that camera-dohikky you got there. its reeeaaalll niceee. and fancy. like fancy feast*.

    *allusion to the office.

  4. jeramy said

    i concur…charlie’s new record IS great…and he and the band DID rock at 722.

    the wings…well….i’m a little concerned. 🙂

    have a great weekend!

  5. andie said

    haha thank you for this post, great title.
    the video of joe is about the funniest thing ever, and your son is still the cutest little kid in the world.

  6. Ji said

    JOE!!!!! that was hilarious.

  7. joe is hilarious & isaac is just the cutest thing ever!! 🙂

  8. John said

    Hey Kristian.

    I’m John from Manila, and I was there during that evening in Manila. It was overwhelming! You have blessed us so much in leading us in worship that evening. Your awe for God is so tangible, it was contagious!

    Loved your EP, by the way! Hoping that I find a way to get a hold of your North Point (7.22?) CDs which contain your other new songs that you played. “Lord of All” and “I Need You” are awesome. Keep making music, brother!


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