on our way to manila!

July 30, 2008

yo party people…the band and I are sitting in the Korean airport waiting for our flight to manila, philipines.  we’re dead tired after a 14 hour flight from atlanta, but we’re energized by our expectation of what lies ahead in manila.  this is the first stop of the second leg of the Passion World Tour and we’re SO pumped to be a part.  the event will be this friday night (which is actually saturday morning for most of you) for 7200 college students.  WOW!!!  i’ll be sure and post some updates as i can.  in the meantime you can join us and the passion team in praying for the free movement and power of God’s Holy Spirit in Manila this week.  love to all.  more later…

14 Responses to “on our way to manila!”

  1. Mayra said


  2. pinkmonster said

    we are looking forward to the Passion event at the PhilSports arena. the filipinos are desperate and hungry for His presence! i know it’s going to be an amazing evening of worship, prayer, and Word.

  3. mlksm said

    i was in Passion Manila last night.
    “I Need You” really touched the hearts of the Filipino youth.
    God bless you and your mission!
    we will pray for Passion KL. 🙂

  4. I think that it’s so exciting that God’s blessed you, along with everyone else involved with the Passion World Tour, with a chance to visit all of the places you have been & will be going to. I’ve been praying for everyone involved with Passion & plan to continue. Have fun in Manila! God Bless,

  5. merie said

    you were a blessing last night! thank you for coming down here in Manila… continue blessing students like us..

    God bless.. 🙂

  6. I went to Passion world tour concert-Manila last night. It was really awesome. I loved seeing my countrymen worshiped the LORD together in spirit and in truth.

    Thank you, Passion team, for choosing Manila as one of your destinations. We’ve been blessed and I know God will continue to bless you all. =)

  7. iyay said

    i was there and sure it’s amazing! no words can describe what happened here in Manila. Godbless 268generation and Kuala Lumpur! 🙂

  8. sammie said

    Praise God for you:)

  9. Jez said

    I was at th Passion Manila event, and I must say that that night was truly INDESCRIBABLE.
    I praise God for people like you. May the Lord bless your ministry more and more!

  10. sam said

    hey kristian,

    hope god poured out blessing in manila,

    would love to know your set-list as well as the overall flow of the night.

    god bless

  11. Jaja Ore said

    Hi Kris!

    I never heard of you until you came to Manila. I attend the Passion Concert last Friday. God was amazing. He used you to lead us to worship.

    Soak in His presence continuously and live to worship.

    Will be praying for you and your God-given ministry.

    Glory to God.

  12. MARY said

    WOW!! I hope you are having fun. I am definatley praying for you and your trip. Can’t wait for more.

  13. I was there!!! Jesus paid it all!! it seems like i know how to sing that song though its my first time to here it… Thanks for blessing our country!!! God bless you!!!

  14. Nicollo Lopez said

    Hey! Passion was AWESOME! To be honest, I didn’t know who Kristian Stanfil was. But woah! That didn’t really matter after a few mins. on the stage- I LOVED THE SONG BEAUTIFUL JESUS! Really touched me… actully changed part of me. Like each time I see a pretty girl I just sing this song because no one can compare to the beauty of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!!! I was so blessed! anyway, thanks for coming to Manila, thankyou for your obedience in Christ! I pray that God sends you to more places that His name be made FAMOUS!

    thanks passion tour!

    Thanks kristian stanfil band.

    thankyou jesus. 😀


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