on our way to manila!

July 30, 2008

yo party people…the band and I are sitting in the Korean airport waiting for our flight to manila, philipines.  we’re dead tired after a 14 hour flight from atlanta, but we’re energized by our expectation of what lies ahead in manila.  this is the first stop of the second leg of the Passion World Tour and we’re SO pumped to be a part.  the event will be this friday night (which is actually saturday morning for most of you) for 7200 college students.  WOW!!!  i’ll be sure and post some updates as i can.  in the meantime you can join us and the passion team in praying for the free movement and power of God’s Holy Spirit in Manila this week.  love to all.  more later…


hello everyone!  i know, i know…it’s been like two lifetimes since i posted anything.  for the 7 of you who actually read this…i’m sorry.  to be honest i didn’t really feel like posting anything until i could get my thoughts in order.  this summer has turned kerri and i’s world upside down.  it’s got us asking questions about everything in our life.  why do i travel and play music?  why do we live where we live?  why do i lead worship at the church i lead at?  did i get where i am today by following God or man or me?   these questions have been ringing in kerri and i’s hearts for the past two weeks and i wasn’t really sure if i could capture the way i was feeling until now.  im just going to keep typing and see what comes out.

this summer, me and the guys in the band have found ourselves in places around the country that have been truly alive with the movement and power of the Holy Spirit.  i never thought that summer youth camps could be so supernatural or divine.  i know i’m admitting something not so great when i say that, but it’s true.  i’ve been settling for experiences conjured up by men and women with gifts to speak or lead worship or plan an event.  i know that now because i’ve had experiences this summer that cannot be explained by mine or anyone else’s giftings.  i’ve watched heavenly things unfold before my eyes this summer that can only be explained by…God.  it’s an unbelievable feeling to be on stage and know for sure that no one is watching you.  disappearing makes me beautiful.  to be in a room with 2500 middle and high school students going for the heart of God like we did in ruston louisiana three weeks ago is something that changes you.  not because I led them there, but because it was our only option when we came face to face with the power of the Holy Spirit.  it wasn’t faked or manipulated out of people.  it wasn’t something we did cause we were seeking out a “mountain-top-camp-experience.”  we weren’t trying to get kids to come down front and sign a card.  we simply had our plans laid out and God took those plans and, with a smile, changed everything.  it’s experiences like this that have me wondering why we’re so stuck in a rut in Christian ministry when we have access to the ultimate creative being!!??!  why is it that we Christians wait for pop-culture to do something groundbreaking so we can come up with a second rate copy that comes off as a second rate copy?  wouldn’t it be incredible if all of the sudden a shift happened?  what if the world and pop-culture started looking in the church’s direction for what’s coming next?  why not?  we’re the people of God with the Spirit of God dwelling in us.  it’s the power that raised Christ from the dead.  the force that created EVERYTHING and we’ve got an all-access pass sitting collecting dust in some corner of our hearts just waiting to be picked up and cashed in…eternally.

one thing i need to be careful of as i say all this.  i shouldn’t expect anything when we enter a time of worshipping God.  sometimes i think i know exactly how a successful worship time looks.  i have my gauges as a worship leader that tell me how well or how poorly a service is going.  without conscious knowledge i take what God has done in the past and i apply to my current setting.  i do that and i reduce God to a one trick pony.  like i’ve been saying throughout this blog since i started…God wants to do something new and fresh among us, and He actually can, we’ve just got our grip so tight on our comfortable, controllable services that we miss it.

this is all the stuff that God is convicting my heart of these days.  when i started this blog i committed to never posting anything like this, but that was before the last 4 weeks of my life happened.  i didn’t know i could experience such things on this earth as i have lately and i don’t want to be done experiencing them anytime soon.  i said this in my last post but here it is again…life is to short and God’s spirit it to good to spend my days in dead places.  getting all this out is good for my soul.  kinda like chicken soup…only it doesn’t burn like chicken soup.


God…this is what i pray.
shake Your people.  wake us up from the apathetic slumber that has taken us hostage.  open our spiritual eyes to see where you are moving.  let our lives be quiet enough to hear You when You speak and when You speak give us the boldness to follow where You lead.  where You are going is better than any place we could go on our own.  take me with You.