father’s day 2.0 and my date with tiger woods

June 18, 2008

sunday was my second father’s day and i spent it just the way i wanted.  i hung out with my amazing family for lunch.  it’s pretty incredible to be sitting at the table with my grandfather, my father and my son.  WOW!!  4 generations of stanfill men at one table…to much to handle.  after that i went home and sat on the couch to watch tiger woods add serious drama to the u.s. open.  during commercial breaks i tried to teach my son isaac about patience (even when daddy and mommy say no to MORE cookies).  i love my son very much and i love being a father.  i never thought it was possible to have so much fun with a 19 month old little boy.  he’s taught me how to look at the world with wonder again and i’m loving every minute of it.

on monday morning we woke up and headed back to camp world.  we’re still hanging out at the gulf for one more bigstuf camp.  bigstuf kicked off camp 4 of 10 on monday night.  just 4 camps in it seems that everyone is a little fried.  the excitement of getting bigstuf 2008 out of the gates has faded and in it’s place, it seems, is a resolve just to get the job done.  i can’t blame anyone…it’s very hard work.  we’ll leave here on friday, but our prayers will be with the bigstuf team all summer.  keep it up guys!

jumping back to last week…lake pointe’s camp was such a good time.  we love those crazy texas folks.  bubba thurman, greg bradford and damon faulk made it such an amazing week for us.  bubba and greg trusted us completely with the direction of musical worship and it was amazing to watch the Holy Spirit come and do unexpected and powerful stuff all week.  leaving lake pointe’s camp, my desire for more than just playing songs has become even stronger.  my prayer has become…

i want more.  i want as much of your presence and power as i can handle in my human frame.  turn our expectations upside down.  deliver us from what we think is a successful worship experience.  make us open and willing to follow You to uncharted places.  amen.

we did introduce a new song last week.  it’s a song i’ve been working on for about a year.  it’s called “I Need You.”  the song is about Jesus bearing the wrath of God for our sin, on our behalf.  i hope to have a live recording of it up on our myspace by the end of the week.  i’ll be sure and let you know when it’s up so you can go check it out.  in the meantime i’ve put the lyrics below.  we’re off to louisiana next.  look out ruston…here comes the rock!  love to all.

I Need You

i am frail, broken easily
without fail, my strength keeps failing me
all alone, i’m powerless
to lift myself, from the pit, that i am in

i need You Jesus
i need You Jesus

from Your throne, of righteousness
descended down, into our brokeness
to right the wrong, to make a way
to bear the load, that we deserve, to bear alone

i need You Jesus, i need You Jesus
i need clean hands, i can’t You can
i need You Jesus

on the cross, on our behalf
the son of God, bore the father’s wrath
by His blood, the scars and pain
the perfect son, took the fall, and took our place

i need You Jesus, i need You Jesus
i need clean hands, i can’t You can
i need You Jesus

in his grace, and unfailing love
the risen king, gave his hand to us
to lift us up, from the pit
and set our feet, upon a rock, that ever stands

i need You Jesus, i need You Jesus
i need clean hands, i can’t You can
i need You Jesus

some things you might not be aware of : the new Coldplay record came out yesterday.  you should do your soul a favor and go pick it up.  chris tomlin also has a new single on itunes called “Jesus Messiah.”  i would highly recommend downloading that as well.  it’s an incredible song.  lastly…those closest to me know that i’m fascinated with tiger woods.  i believe we’re watching the best athlete of all time when we watch him play golf.  well, tiger ended up winning the u.s. open i spoke of earlier.  if you haven’t heard about the drama that unfolded there… click here.  that makes 14 major tournament wins for the tiger.  five more and he stands alone as the best golfer ever.  that’ll have to wait till next season though.  knee surgery is ending the 08 season early for the golf phenom…bummer.  hey tiger, i hear you’re a pretty avid reader of the que es.  since you’ve got some down time…what’d you say to some red lobster and a milk shake?  my treat.  wait…you just crossed the $82 million mark in career earnings…i think i’ll be sliding the check your way.





7 Responses to “father’s day 2.0 and my date with tiger woods”

  1. I enjoy the read…thanks for the update…saw where you guys were going to be at Falls Creek this summer…pretty awesome atmosphere and maybe even a little better there since they air-conditioned and ecnlosed the tabernacle…look forward to being able to pick up your new sone on iTunes…blessings!

  2. Hey Kristian! Glad you enjoyed Texas, I think I’m getting back there before this fall gets rolling. I can’t wait to hear the new song back in the ATL.

  3. Mayra said

    Hey! Whatever Happend to Skinny Jeans city? Just curious but when are you releasing an album? I loved your stuff at Passion!

  4. Matt said

    Hey Kristian. I heard “I need You” on your myspace. I like it! But just thought you should know that the chorus almost sounds like “I need you tonight” by the Backstreet Boys! Beautiful lyrics though, and awesome riff by Alex. God bless!

  5. MARY said

    HEY!!!!! I just got back from the camp in Louisiana. You are an amazing band. YAY TEXAS!!!! I’m so sad that I didn’t know you were hear! Texas rock!!! Well I am so glad I got the experiance of hearing you play because you music moves me and I think you are an amazing singer! ~MARY
    P.S. I think “I NEED YOU” is an amazing song.

  6. Stephen said

    Hey kristian- would you be able and willing to publish the chord charts for i need you. this is such an amazing song and goes with one of our upcoming wednesday night’s topic in youth group. Thanks-stephen

  7. […] God has been doing cool things with our team at BB and I feel like he is bringing clarity to me in the process.  Tonight i had mentioned to Kristian I really resonated with what he said on this post.  Here was his prayer that just brought such clear words to desires in my heart. God… i want more.  i want as much of your presence and power as i can handle in my human frame. … […]

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