panama city=armpit of america

June 2, 2008

seriously…it’s so stinkin hot down here.  my good friend tim gibson likes to say that walking around in panama city beach florida feels like walking around with a wet blanket on your back.  at any rate…we kicked off camp numero uno of the summer here on sunday night.  we’re at a camp called bigstuf.  i’ve been a worship leader at bigstuf since is was 19 years old and i always love being here.  it’s been a place of amazing community and a place for me to learn a lot about leading worship.  one of the things i love most about being here (and most everywhere else we go) is watching a group of students come in the first night of camp and try to figure out what’s acceptable behavior in this new worship environment.  it’s almost visible on all of their faces as they come in.  you can see everyone looking around as the opening song kicks off and the stage lights up and their thinking, “am i the only one that wants to go a little crazy right now.”  everyone is trying to figure out what’s going on and if they can trust bigstuf.  then, 4 days later on the last night of camp, the walls come down and we’re all having one big undignified party.  jumping around and getting sweaty and not caring because we’re with our God and that’s enough.  

it’s also amazing to watch something unique and fresh unfold at every camp we do.  you might think that we do the same thing everywhere we go, but the truth is that every camp experience is different.  i think that’s true because we’re all coming from different places and circumstances in life.  there are common threads that run through an entire summer, but what i’ve found is that if i truly let the Holy Spirit lead me through each camp then i see God meet each group of students where they are.  i definitely couldn’t do that so it’s in everyone’s best interest that i step aside.

so that’s what’s happening here.  you can be praying for a fresh fire to be on us as we get deep into the summer.  love to all!


One Response to “panama city=armpit of america”

  1. denise said

    omg! i so wish i could go this year! our church went last year and we flew all the way from idaho! we had such a blast! this year God is calling our church to a mission trip in Mexico, so next year we are hoping we get to go back down to Panama City!
    You were such a blessing to us last year, i’ll be praying for you guys as you lead worship this year! you are awesome!

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