May 27, 2008

every year around this time worship leaders all across the country start gearing up for the craziest season of the year…summer.  for middle and high school students summertime means 8 weeks of no school and no worries.  for worship leaders summertime means we put on our war paint and do our stretches and get ready for church camps and crazy, radical teens.  i love the buzz of the summer months…traveling and meeting new people, eating at cool local restaurants (a spiritual gift in our band) and watching the Holy Spirit do unexpected, fresh stuff that turns our world upside down.  our journey this summer starts with three camps in panama city beach florida, then it’s to louisiana, california, oklahoma, chicago, manila (philippines) and finally oregon.  every summer i have an expectation of what i think our experience is going to be like and every summer i’m reminded of how low i set the bar.

although the summer is a big part of our year, so is the spring and the fall.  spring 08 has been packed full of amazing moments.  we started out in january in boone north carolina at a ski retreat and ended in chicago on may 12 at a college bible study called  6:31.    im constantly learning things i didn’t know about leading worship and how to follow the Holy Spirit before i say or do anything.  this spring has taught me a lot about that.  it’s been an incredible spring season.

so moving into the summer i want to encourage all the worship leaders and speakers and actors and lighting directors and event producers and interns and production assistants and sound engineers and stage managers and rec leaders out there to join me in pursuing still and quiet hearts in the midst of a crazy and loud season.  just think what could happen if there were a whole lot of us out there this summer listening intently to the spirit of God before we led anything.  that would make for some pretty amazing “heaven-meets-earth” moments.  

i’ll keep updates about what’s going on throughout the summer here on the blog.  i’d love to hear about your adventures too…  for now…check out pictures from my wife and i’s adventures in florida below.

this guy washed up next to me one morning on the beach.  i told him i didn’t want to hurt him but that i would if it came to that.  let’s just say the jellyfish community won’t mess with me again.

kerri and i actually ate here…it was really good, but i didn’t see bono.  that’s me doing my best bono impression.

i have no words

2 Responses to “sum-ahh-thyme”

  1. stephendixon said

    frankly, i like your chris martin better than your bono, regardless of any association with your love of bbq. i’m also glad you found the motorcycle driving dragon you have been looking for all of these years.

  2. Ji said

    the pic of the dragon on the bike and your comment – i have no words.
    i could actually HEAR you say that, and it made me do one of my outburst laughs.

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