Thanks for fellowshippin Luke and Micah!

May 18, 2008

so i was in the fellowship hall at my blog eating chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese and i met luke and micah.  they had some questions.  i had some answers. 

Luke asks:
how do you pick out your set-lists?  obviously you are lead by the spirit, but what are dynamics between 722 where you are every week and the community knows vs. picking for a camp or event where the group may not know your songs?

great question luke!  when i put together a set list there’s a few things that i think about.  one…usually there’s some type of theme to the event that we’re leading.  i try to think about what would fit well with that theme and what the speaker is planning to talk about.  two…flow.  flow and transitions are so important.  i like to think through how i’ll get in and out of the songs in the set and see if it flows well.  three…if this is a place we’ve led consistently i think about what we’ve played in recent weeks, what songs are “working”, that sort of thing.  if it’s somewhere we haven’t been before then i usually ask whoever does lead consistently a few questions about what’s been going.  i pick from a list of songs that is about 50% our own stuff and 50% other artists stuff.  once we have picked the songs and thought through the transitions we hold our ideas out before God and say, “this is what we’ve planned God, but whatever You want is what we want.”  it’s amazing what happens when the Holy Spirit does something unexpected and unplanned and i pray that i am always willing to toss my plan out the window.  i never want to do anything spontaneous for the sake of being spontaneous.  i ALWAYS have a set planned, but try to remain quiet enough on stage so i can follow when the Holy Spirit leads.

Micah asks:
are you working on any new songs? any new stuff coming out soon? 

micah…thanks for asking broseph.  i LOVE writing songs and am constantly working hard at it.  i’ve got a large handful of songs that im trying to finish up right now.  we’ve also been writing as a band and have a few songs that we are all really excited about.  we are hoping to get in the studio in november to start recording our first full length record.  



One Response to “Thanks for fellowshippin Luke and Micah!”

  1. thanks for the answers! can’t wait to hear the new stuff. we just introduced “Spring of Life” “beautiful Jesus” to our student ministry worship sets. love ’em.

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