from hard work to no work

May 18, 2008

i spent all day today leading at my church browns bridge community church.  i started the day at 6:30 am with big church rehearsal and services at 9:00 and 11:00 am.  it was a great and long morning.  the set list was Happy Day (Tim Hughes), Faithful (Alex Nifong), Lord of All (a song i wrote) and Son of God (Starfield).  it was very cool to have a good chunk of time to lead.  

one of the coolest things of the day was watching my 18 year old brother Brett lead our middle school ministry called extreme.  he did a great job!  he’s a great leader with an amazing heart for God.  i’m so proud of my bro.

after big church i headed over to our student ministry called insideout.  we set up and sound checked around 3:30 and we’re hangin out in the green room right now waiting to get started.  it’s been a long day, but really cool to be able to be plugged in at our church.

as soon as we wrap up here kerri and i are jumpin in the car and headed out for a much needed vacation.  we’ll be down in florida for the next week chillin on the beach and reading francis chan’s new book “crazy love”.  

you guys have a great week.  i’ll blog at you when we get back.  peace.



2 Responses to “from hard work to no work”

  1. singwritelaughplay said

    dude… what a blessing to get to be a tiny part of that day. you stanfill fellas are indeed annointed jokers… and i don’t say that lightly. praying all is well this summer… we’ll miss having you guys around the joint for sure.

    -dee dee

  2. Sam said

    yo man…

    been reading crazy love for a week or so. So good man.
    It’s been such a breath of fresh air refocusing my life around the things that really matter. I’m finding the difference between saying “i’m authentic” and actually being authentic.


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