May 13, 2008

i kissed it...almost! if you look to your right you’ll see fish number four that i caught this past weekend at the lake. it turns out that i’m a natural. actually you can be to…pull the rod when the line gets tight. the fam and i escaped the fast paced life of the city on friday and saturday and headed up to lake burton. lake burton is tucked away about 3 hours north of atlanta in tiger georgia in the valley of the north georgia mountains. in my opinion…there is no place so beautiful. i’ve grown up vacationing on this lake. my grandparents own a house on the lake. i’ve had some of my fondest memories in life on lake burton. i learned how to ski, how to eat watermelon, how to watch wimbledon, how to tan, how to drive a boat and how to spot true beauty. seriously…this place is beautiful…check it out…

wow! again!


places like this really do exist. where a day feels like three and quality time doesn’t include returning emails or twittering. i love lake burton for this reason. as long as my family and i have been vacationing here all we’ve ever done is be with one another. we never needed any form of entertainment or distraction to fill our time…we just needed to be. how incredible! i think about how i fill my time with such useless stuff sometimes and it makes me sad to think that i trade moments with my wife and son for text messaging or…blogging. when im at lake burton i can’t escape the purity of my surroundings. it’s the essence of the beauty of God’s creation. for the most part it remains untainted by the craziness of the world that lies 3 hours south. they’ve stopped all new construction on the lake. meaning that there will never be more lots/houses on the lake than there are right now. it doesn’t have a starbucks. there is no lakeside target. no matter how many times you circle the lake you won’t find any wireless internet. basically…the industrial revolution showed up at lake burton’s front door and lake burton shot it with a be-be gun. not literally but i think you get my point. now don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the city…the constant buzz of activity, life happening all around you, new faces everywhere and most def starbucks. i also know that a lot of what we find in the city is necessary for life to happen…like businesses, government and hospitals. i guess what i feel, and maybe you’re with me on this, is that my life has become really LOUD and somewhere along the way i’ve forgotten how to create empty space to hear from and encounter God. it seems that now more than ever before there is a constant barrage of pop culture and responsibility.

what im learning is that there is great value in being still. there is great value in being silent and listening. alot of times we think of solitude or privacy as just being alone to “recharge our batteries.” it’s something we do to escape, but what if stillness and solitude were actions? what if being still was actually the action of moving toward God? what if being alone was actually the action of pursuing a relationship with God? what if being quiet meant you were actually actively listening to and for God’s voice? i think we would experience an encounter with God like we’ve never experienced before. don’t you think so? i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…i believe that we’re on the edge of something huge. it seems to to me that we’re about to see something new and fresh break. i don’t know what it is. i don’t know what it sounds or looks like, but i know the God who’s gonna do it and take us there if we’re willing. i believe that in His perfect timing He’ll drop revelation on those who are listening. i don’t want my life to be so loud that i miss that kind of revelation.

so i don’t know how this all hits you. maybe you’re with me or maybe you feel like i’ve got issues, but i’m willing to bet there are alot of you that are amening at work or at home or at starbucks with me. so if i could be so bold, i’d like to lay down a challenge to you and to me. let’s commit to purposefully quieting our lives for the sole purpose of encountering God. everyday for the next week, whoever is willing, let’s find somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour to be still and seek God. let’s open our lives up to the working of God’s Holy Spirit. i think we’ll begin to love and live more like Jesus did…connected to the father.

let’s quiet our lives so we can listen. let’s stop moving so we can be moved into action and God’s will. let’s get alone so we can be with God.

book rec : if you are totally with me on this then i recommend reading a book called “the way of the heart” by a guy named henri nouwen…wow!

musical rec : the new death cab for cutie record came out today. it’s called “narrow stairs” and it really is something great. enjoy indie-rock at its best.

6 Responses to “shhhhhhh”

  1. Kerri said

    Im with you.

  2. aaron said

    dude, you’re right on. i recently found your blog, cool stuff.

    i have not read that book, but the new DC record is fantastic. i’ve been ready for this to come out for a while, and i wasn’t dissappointed!


  3. Hannah said

    It’s almost like you read my mind..with the way I’ve been feeling lately. I’m with you.

  4. denise said

    first- amazing pictures! i am so jealous!
    second- i totally agree! we get caught up in our lives, work, school, computers, and everything we leave god to the end! but God is what gets us through everything! we need to spend more time with him then our cell phones!

  5. i’m so glad to have found your blog today. thanks to ryan fitz i now feel like i’ve got the inside scoop. i’ll put your link right up there with fee.

  6. Ji said

    you’re a dang good writer.

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