“from lavish ballrooms to 50 cent hot dogs”

May 9, 2008

as some of you already know thanks to twitter…alex, joe, tim, matt and i took some band pics tonight to be used for updating our website and other EXTREMELY important tasks. i thought it was time to get some new pictures taken of me and the guys seeing as the last time i took professional pictures was 2004…before i got married! so we enlisted the help of star photographer krissy leigh to help us out.  the following is just a small glimpse into the adventure that was tonight.

we met downtown in a building called the biltmore.  my plan was to use one of their elegant, opulent and radical ballrooms to take photos in.  i thought it would be a good match for our band’s mature nature…btw i can burp the alphabet.  anyway…wouldn’t you want to take pictures in a place that looks like this.


of course you would…so did we.  unfortunately i recieved some bad information and the ballroom was in fact being prepped for an event happening friday night…total bummer, but we would not be distracted from our goal, our prize…the pictures.  so we pulled back together and quickly decided that the next best thing to a lavish ballroom was a place where they sell expensive looking, cheap things and 50 cent hot dogs…IKEA!!!  if you’re not on the IKEA train yet you should click on the word IKEA next time i type it…IKEA. for those of you not clicking on the link, all you really need to know is that you can  buy 50 cent hot dogs there…nuff said.  at any rate…we wound our way through  IKEA filling our memory cards and hearts with memories that will last a lifetime.  we  laughed, we pretended to be really serious and we all laid in a bed together.  it was  a success in every sense of the word.  

as soon as we get some pics back i’ll make sure to post them here.  also…when our new website is up and running i’ll be sure to tell you about that too.  but until then…excerpts from our adventure can be viewed below.











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