“now is the time for LOVE!”

May 6, 2008

hello everyone!

i hanging at home with my fam today before i head to downtown hot-lanta later to lead 7|22.  tonight is going to be pretty cool.  for those of you who might attend tonight im not going to give away any secrets, but tonight is going to be VERY different.  come check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.  meaning…if you live on planet earth you should be there.  

i woke up this morning with my 17 month old son isaac at around 8.30 am and started my day.  he had some milk and waffles and then we played outside for a while (or as he would say it “ahh-sigh.”)  i love my family.  my wife kerri is unbelievable.  she’s beautiful in every way, an amazing wife to me and mother to isaac and she makes killer spaghetti.  if you’re like me you’ve got some unbelievable peeps in your life that are critical to your existence on planet earth.  wives, husbands, family members, friends, pets etc. that consistently stand by you and encourage you when you’re down and celebrate with you when times are good.  you all know who im talking about.  immediately their face or faces came to your mind and you’re thinking of them right now.

well…if you’re even more like me, you forget to tell those people how amazing their presence is in your life.  today im challenging myself and you to tell these amazing people in our lives how much we love and need them.  buy your wife flowers, tell your husband how proud you are of him, tell your friends how much you appreciate their honesty and encouragement in your life.  God has given us the gift of relationship so that we could understand that part of who HE is.  He is a relational God and we are created in HIS image…so we are relational people.  

so today, go and cherish your relationships with the people you love and love you back.  i heart you guys.

Musical rec : today i recommend a record called “the heat” by a band called needtobreathe.  very pop-rock but very cool.  def check out the songs “again” and “signature of divine(Yahweh).”

4 Responses to ““now is the time for LOVE!””

  1. Mayra said

    Like the new layout! Coincidentally, I just finished writing my friend Sarah a thank you not for keeping me accountable with my walk with the Lord. I think we’re on the same wavelength…lol

  2. Mayra said

    i meant Note*

  3. stephendixon said

    like, i love you.

  4. becca said

    wow. that last part really spoke to me, about telling those you love how much you appreciate them & about how God is a relational God. for whatever reason I’ve been struggling with this the past week or so. thanks for the reminder.

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