“if you’ve got a song in your heart let it out!”

May 1, 2008

the story goes like this…it was in the year 2003.  i was playing at a high school bible study in buckhead atlanta.  the leader of this event came to me beforehand and said this…

Leader of event – “kristian…i need you and the band to play a song at the beginning of the nightt to get things kicked off with bang.  maybe a song by the backstreet boys or jesse mccartney.   anything come to mind?”

me – “no”

leader again (frustrated) – “well…come up with something.”

so i did.   i told the band to lay down a phat groove and i improvised.  here is when i discovered my gift for flying by the seat of my skinny jeans.  maybe you’ve heard of my hits “we love you student life (http://youtube.com/watch?v=F0QpmoBI2sg),” or “these four walls (buckhead church insideout 2003),” or my latest jam “bloggin aint easy.”  what do these three groundbreaking songs have in common…no premeditation.

so here’s my challenge to you.  leave me a comment…in this comment you tell me what you want me to write a song about…i write a song and post it in a video on this world wide website. i’ll probably only pick a few so you better make it spectacular.

this is your chance to give back to your community.  so go on…leave your comments…i double dog dare you.

11 Responses to ““if you’ve got a song in your heart let it out!””

  1. Chris said

    Write a song about Life aint easy..

  2. Mayra said

    I accept your challenge and I dare you to come up with a witty rhyme concerning LUCKY CHARMS…lol. It’s my favorite cereal.

    p.s. blogging ain’t easy is REALLY FUNNY. I’ve caught myself sinigng it these past few days…haha

  3. Hecccck yeah, write me something about “The Good Ol’ Days”. The days when we were younger and life wasn’t so complicated.

    And yeah, you’ve got our whole worship band singing bloggin ain’t easy. It’s a hit.

  4. Sara said

    Sing about Oprah!

  5. hailey said

    you’re funny! i say sing a song about leprechans … that could be funny

  6. MC said

    Sing about Isaiah 6:8!

  7. joe brim said


    3 options:

    1) dwight k. shrute (just because he owns)

    2) pollen (you could find some clever words to rhyme with that word and its in season)

    3) dirty jobs (because that show is granderful…… and youre right, i did just make up a word. that just happend)



  8. Patrick said

    how about the trials of being a full time minister… elders’ meetings, crazy parents, trying new things…

    Sing that one and I will make it my new theme song, and more than that, I will do one fore you!

  9. revjdub said

    bedpans and pancakes

  10. abbydroogs said

    i think you should write about skinny jeans & band boys.

  11. ChrisKelly said

    Your hair bro, definitely your hair. Write how you get it to stand up like that, and how to make it look so ‘naturally’ done.


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