“Blogging ain’t easy”

April 30, 2008

5 Responses to ““Blogging ain’t easy””

  1. Brian Reese said

    You are some kind of idiot… love the ‘stache though.

    I thought I was gonna hear “Take Me to the Beach” when I saw that background.

  2. joe brim said

    ha. im glad you’re utilizing the new photobooth effects that i showed ya. that was quite inspirational. i’ll take that to the deepest place in my heart and cherish it.


  3. Mayra said

    haha!!! you made my heart smile =) something tells me that you own a mac, lol.

    “blogging ain’t easy that’s for sure!!!”

  4. stephendixon said

    i dont remember seeing that beach in your house before. i wish you would invite me to it, i like the beach.

  5. becca said

    this song has definitely been stuck in my head since i heard it 4 days ago. haha. i sent it to one of my friends, she saw it, got it stuck in her head too, and so now whenever we’re talking one of us will just randomly start singing/humming it sometimes. its pretty funny.

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