“…im gonna need a guitar, several canteens filled with water and a sleeping bag.”

April 28, 2008

so now that we got that awkward first post out of the way we can talk about more meaningful stuff.  im not promising though that things won’t still be a bit awkward at times.  (like right now…breathe…and next paragraph go)

tomorrow my band and i are meeting up to start pulling songs together for our first full length record.  we are planning on starting to record in november of this year and we are all double super buzzed about it.  we’ve been traveling and playing music together for the past 3 years or so and that whole time we’ve been looking ahead to these next several months where we will create something fresh.  if any of you have seen us play in the past few years you know that our set lists usually are comprised of other artists songs.  these songs are great songs but after a while you start to wonder if God is going to give you something of your own.  a separate work that He has ordained for you and you only.  we feel like that time is now.  i would call myself the primary writer/visionary of the group but it’s true that we all have a deep creative purpose in this band.  we all bring something different to the mix that draws different parts of each other out.  it’s going to be interesting to see how all of those parts fit togethere.  there’s me…a pop anthem writer that longs for the genius of tom delonge (if you don’t know who tom delonge is do yourself a favor and go download all of Angels and Airwaves stuff off itunes).  you have joe…a crazy creative drummer who refuses to do anything predictable…that’s a good thing.  tim…a jazz/rock bass player that’s a lot like joe in that he wants to break new ground musically with different chord changes and melodies.  matt…brilliant rock guitar player with an ear for hooks that blows my mind.  alex…another fantastic guitar player with an uncanny ability create an experience you won’t soon forget within a song.  i grew up listening to stuff like billy joel, the eagles, U2, steven curtis chapman, dc Talk etc.  so pop songs are all i’ve really ever known.  i need each one of these guys in my band to pull me out of this sugary sweet pit sometimes.  we are all so different, but somehow this thing remains a cohesive whole.

the most exciting part for me is the chance to venture into uncharted territory in the realm of the worship song writing.  i know that there are things we haven’t seen yet from God.  those are the things i want to pursue.  i love what God says in Isaiah 43.18-19

18 “Forget the former things; 
       do not dwell on the past.

 19 See, I am doing a new thing! 
       Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? 
       I am making a way in the desert 
       and streams in the wasteland.”

our God is a God who moves!  He blows his wind where He wills and as His people we should have our sails up ready to go when He does.  He’s constantly doing new things.  He causes streams of water to spring up in the wasteland.  He makes a way in the desert.  places where we most likely wouldn’t voluntarily go He says are literally blooming.  i love that in verse 19 God asks “do you not perceive it?” like He expects us to.  like He’s curious as to why we haven’t yet “perceived it.”  so often we play out what’s already happened and miss what’s happening.  what about what it says in Galations 5:25 – Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.  when i read that i think of a little girl dancing on the feet of her father.  when he moves…she moves.  i pray that i will be like that with God.  that wherever and whenever He moves that i’m right there with Him.  

for several months now i’ve been sensing that a new movement in the worship culture is on the horizon.  a different kind of worshiper is rising up.  i don’t know specifics or what it looks or sounds like but i don’t want to miss it.  i want to “perceive” it when God does something new.  so im praying that my faith is greater than my fears when God calls me into the wasteland.  is anybody with me?

Musical Suggestion : check out the band hammock.  their newest record called “raising your voice…trying to stop an echo” is pretty awesome.  mostly instrumental it’s great to listen to if you want to chill out or umm…blog.  it’s pure shoegazer bliss.  for those of you who don’t know about the shoegazer genre of music i’ve provide the following link…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoegazer .


5 Responses to ““…im gonna need a guitar, several canteens filled with water and a sleeping bag.””

  1. joe brim said

    dude, this is a great post.

    first off, im really excited about the record. i know its going to be unreal. i know ive heard some new songs but im ready for the whole “sha-bang”, if you will.

    secondly, im totally with you on the fact that we need to keep moving forward. nothing would get accomplished if we dont keep advancing. that applies to our faith as well as music and life in general.

    well, there are my to main bullet points. bing-bang-bong.

    love you man,


  2. Tiffany said

    I’m so stoked about your new blog…I’ve already laughed out loud (from the first one) and have been uplifted from your determination and drive and lack of fear to say what you think! I’m so excited about you guys getting into the studio this year and can’t wait to see what’s in store for you!

  3. Mayra said

    I’m so0o0o excited about you working on a record! Ever since I saw you at Passion DFW I’ve been looking for a CD, but haven’t been able to find one!! Good Luck with everything!

  4. Gracie said

    We love your music Kristian. It’s truly amazing and inspirational. Keep changing the world through your music and rock on!!!

  5. Jamie said

    Welcome to the blogging world brotha, I’ll add you to my blogroll!

    It’s obvious that you have been truly anointed as a worship leader, I look forward to you leading us every week and always trust that you take us right where God wants us. Glad you’re part of the double deuce family. 🙂

    Now post some recent pics of your little munchkin!


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